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Are you looking forward to settling in Australia? Have you started preparing your CDR yet? Well, we can have you prepare the best competency demonstration report or CDR for Engineers Australia and find a breakthrough in the very beginning of the migration process. For more than a decade, we have helped hundreds and thousands of engineers from India in getting a positive outcome of their CDR. Whether it be civil, mechanical, geotechnical. Biomedical, telecom, chemical, electrical, electronics or any other engineering field, our team of CDR experts is here to help you.

Our 98% success rate and skyrocketing reviews from clients are a clear indication of our excellence. Now it is time to experience the same for your CDR report. Let us help you create that one report of your engineering journey which will not only impress the Engineers Australia assessment team but will also kickstart your journey to your dream country. Check out our wide range of CDR writing services in Delhi and how they can be helpful to you.


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I have always feared writing essays. And, with three Career Episodes, I couldn’t even understand how to begin with. I reached out to for consultation and guidance on CDR writing. They took me through the entire process comprehensively, cleared all doubts, and made me more confident.

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CDR Writing Services

Want to create your CDR from scratch? Need help on how to work on a specific part of the CDR report? Get customized CDR writing help in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and all across India from your home. We have the best CDR writers and immigration experts at your service. This service includes the following:

  • Complete CDR preparation
  • Writing of career episodes
  • Writing the summary statement
  • Preparing CPD list with evidence
  • Help in selecting projects
  • Rewriting of CDR reports once rejected from EA

CDR Review Services

Want an expert to assess your CDR report for you before you submit it to Engineers Australia? Want to ensure that your CDR gets approved in the first go? Take our CDR review services where a professional CDR expert will review your report and polish it for better. This would include:

  • Editing and proofreading complete CDR including three career episodes
  • Ensuring correct CDR format and structure of the report
  • Ensuring that enough technical information is provided
  • Checking for plagiarism and removing duplicity if found
  • Other related services

CDR Guidance

Whether you are just starting with your immigration process or whether you need to understand the CDR writing process from scratch, this service is perfect for you. Our well-acquainted team is here to guide you about the skilled migration process to Australia and CDR report writing. This service would include:

  • Importance and purpose of CDR report and its various parts
  • Expert guidance on CDR writing
  • Guidance on how to create effective CDR reports
  • Discussing projects to select three important ones for your career episodes

Low Cost CDR Writing Services Delhi For EA Skills Assessment

Your CDR report is an essential document that represents your career as an engineer. It reflects how much experience you have gained in your career and how you have applied your engineering skills in the field. This report comprises different documents, each having their own purpose and importance. Here is a list of them:

  • CPD List (Continuing Professional Development List)
  • Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement

The CPD list is a one-page document that provides the list of activities that you have done in order to enhance your engineering knowledge and skills. This list may include things such as seminars, workshops, conferences that you have attended or organised, any tertiary qualifications that you have gained or preparation or presentation of course materials.

There are three career episodes to be written and attached in the CDR report. Each career episode focuses on a specific time of your career and demonstrates how you used your engineering skills to solve an engineering problem or achieve a project goal. Each career episode should be around 1000-2500 words and should be written in a narrative format.

At last, you need to write a summary statement that concludes all your career episodes and at the same time, highlights your competencies as required by Engineers Australia. The template of summary statement is given in the migration skill assessment booklet by EA along with the required competency elements that one needs to address.

We have a complete range of online CDR writing services in Delhi that can help you at any step of the CDR writing process. In an affordable price, you can now get your CDR prepared as per the latest guidelines of Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment process. Connect with our customer service representatives now to know more about our price range and compare yourself. We will not disappoint you!

How long will Engineers Australia take to process my CDR?

The standard processing time for MSA applications is 9 weeks for Non-accredited Qualifications and 7 weeks for Accredited Qualifications. This is the time until your application reaches a case officer who would then assess your application. However, Engineers Australia provides Fast Track services under which the applicant can reduce the processing time from 7/9 weeks to just 20 working days.

Can I get a ban of 12 months if my CDR gets rejected by EA?

If you have not written your CDR report as per the format and guidelines given by EA, there are chances that it may get rejected. If your CDR gets rejected, you would be asked to resubmit it by making the required changes. However, severe consequences such as a ban of 12 months from reapplying to migration to Australia can happen if you have plagiarized your CDR.

Save your CDR From Being Rejected | Top Features Of An EA Approved CDR

What makes a CDR worth approval? Well, there can be numerous factors that make your CDR great and worth processing further. First of all, you must not forget that you need to prepare a CDR exactly as mentioned in the Migration Skill Assessment booklet. Do not change its format on your own thinking that it would impress the assessor. Rest, we have carved out the important features of a CDR report that saves it from getting rejected:

  • Maintain a balance between the technical portions and narrations. This is very crucial as many times engineers skip some important calculations or illustrations in their career episodes which builds an information gap. One must make sure that they have added the right technical explanations that can strengthen their career episodes.
  • Follow the ‘narrative’ format for career episodes. This is another major aspect of your CDR. Because, if you do not write the career episodes in narrative form, their purpose is lost and it furthermore becomes difficult to create the summary statement.
  • Always and always number your career episode paragraphs. Writing in an essay format does not mean you put ‘bullet points’ in the career episodes. It would again make it impossible for you to refer to them in the summary statement.
  • Cover as many competency elements as possible. Many engineers who get their CDR rejected or a negative outcome of their report have not included many competency elements in their career episodes. Always read the competency elements first and map them with your career episodes before preparing your final draft. Do not leave this task for the end when you would have written your career episodes.
  • No copy and paste! If you do not want to get banned from Australia immigration, maintain that your CDR for Engineers Australia is original. Use a valid and authentic plagiarism checker tool for the same and remove all kinds of plagiarism before submitting the report. We understand that it is easy to copy the problem statements, roles and responsibilities from the internet, but it is not the right way to prepare your CDR report.

These are just the basic yet important features of a good CDR. However there are many other important factors to consider to ensure a positive outcome of your CDR submission. Consult our CDR writers today and ensure that your CDR is ‘perfect’.

Reasons To Choose for CDR Writing Services in Delhi

We value your time and money which is why we never make mistakes in our work. Our excellent track record is a valid proof that we make no false promises. We will ensure to keep you on track for creating a flawless CDR report and at the same time will not let it lose its authenticity and originality. Choose our CDR writing services in Delhi today!

Best The Clock With Us

The processing time for CDR is never fixed. If there are many applications with Engineers Australia, you never know when yours would be picked up. So there is no time to waste. We can help you prepare the best CDR report in time so that you can start the skills assessment process quickly. We guarantee no delays from our side.

CDR Experts Specific To Your Domain

We have CDR experts from various engineering disciplines including mining, naval, structure, civil, petroleum, transport and telecom. This means you are going to get domain-specific guidance and not just generalized CDR writing services. This would help you at every stage of CDR writing.

CDR Help Around The Clock

Need our help in the eleventh hour? We are here 24X7! Just drop us a message anytime and state your concerns without any hesitation. Our teams are working with full enthusiasm day and night only for our clients.

Experienced CDR Writers & Experts

Our CDR experts are from Australia and India. All of them hold years of experience and expertise in CDR writing. Many of them are engineers who have migrated to Australia. We are well-acquainted with the latest Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment guidelines and procedures. So your CDR is now in safe hands!

Get a CDR Sample from Us Right Now!

We provide domain-specific CDR samples, career episode samples and summary statement samples for our current and potential clients. These samples are based on EA approved CDR reports and are 100% reliable. All these samples are prepared by our team and reflect the extent to which we can help improve your CDR report.

Ready to work on your CDR with us? Connect with a professional CDR expert now and ensure a positive outcome of your CDR submission.

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