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Home / CDR Writing Services Kerala has been the best CDR writers in India for the past decade. We have helped thousands of civil, mechanical, agricultural, structural, biomedical, transport, geotechnical and industrial engineers find their way to Australia through a positive CDR assessment. Be it any engineering domain, we have a CDR expert for that which is why we have been able to make huge success. We also have a team of native CDR writers with us that guides our clients as per the latest requirements by Engineers Australia.

If you are looking for CDR help in Kerala then you must approach us and we guarantee to deliver the best quality CDR report to you. We follow deadlines strictly and ensure clear communication between our clients and our team. You will get free CDR samples, career episode samples, summary statements and CPD lists for reference. From picking up the right project for your CDR to polishing each sentence, we will support you at every stage.


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Best CDR Writing Services in Kerala For Guaranteed EA Approval

What is CDR for Engineers Australia?

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a document that compiles all the information related to your engineering career. This document is used in the skills assessment process of Engineers Australia and helps the Australian immigration authorities decide whether you are competent enough for Australian work environment. This is a very important document that needs to be prepared by the applicant only. However there can be times when the applicant gets confused with the requirements and can need help in creating their CDR report effectively.

The complete guidelines for preparation of CDR are given in the MSA booklet or Migration Skill Assessment booklet. The CDR report comprises mainly five documents each of which is very crucial if you want to seek a positive approval for Engineers Australia. These documents are:

  • Three Career Episodes that discuss three major projects, tasks or engineering positions of your career.
  • One CPD List that includes the details about all the activities that you have pursued in your career to enhance your engineering skills.
  • One Summary Statement that ends your CDR and summaries your Career Episodes. It referenced the competency elements that you have explained in your CDR with those that are required by the Engineers Australia.

What are CDR Competency Elements?

Engineers Australia categorizes engineering occupations into different occupational categories and for each occupational category it has listed some elements of competency. These competency elements target their knowledge, skills, engineering activity ability, and professional and personal attributes. You must go through all these competencies thoroughly before writing your career episodes. These competencies further help in elaborating your experience as an engineer. They also make it easier for you to understand the purpose and format of the CDR report and it is then much easier to create it.

How To Write a Summary for CDR?

The summary statement for CDR is a proper document of at least 900 words that concluded all your career episodes. This must be written after completing your career episodes as you require to match your career episode with the competency elements given by Engineers Australia. There is a separate summary statement template for each occupational category given in the MSA.

You need to download the summary statement related to your occupation category and start referencing it with your career episodes. You must note that for each competency element there are some indicators and if you are choosing an element then you need to cover all the indicators for that element. Many times it is difficult for applicants to understand and decode these indicators of a competency element. Our CDR experts can help you understand each competency element in detail.

What is Fast Track Skills Assessment?

General processing time for migration skill assessment is 9 weeks for non-accredited qualifications and 7 weeks for accredited qualifications before it is assigned to a case officer. However, Engineers Australia provides fast track service for skills assessment and decreases this processing time to just 20 working days. This means your file can be assigned to a case officer in just 20 days!

You can ensure that the assessment officer completes the task quickly and easily by submitting a CDR report that is 100% correct, authentic and relevant. The less mistakes you make in preparing your CDR, the quickly your skills assessment will be done. So without further delay just consult our CDR experts and advisers for CDR writing.

Reasons for CDR Rejection from Engineers Australia

  • Plagiarised CDR Report: Beware of any used samples on the internet or any CDR templates that claim to be original. Ensure that you are preparing an original document and save your CDR from getting rejected. Many of our clients did not do that in the first place and had to face a twelve month ban.
  • False Information or Unclear Evidence: Whatever information you are providing in your CDR, make sure that information is true. Many engineers who think that their projects are not ‘good enough’ tend to buy projects for their career episodes and later fall in trouble. We guarantee that we will represent your projects the best possible way that your career episodes will make the best impression of all. Originality is the best policy here!
  • No Format Followed: Did you forget to number your paragraphs in career episodes? Have you not created the summary statement in tabular format? One little mistake can cause major setbacks in the skill assessment process. But worry no more as we will ensure that all your documents of the CDR are created as per the latest formats and guidelines by Engineers Australia.

Why Hire for CDR Writing Services in Kerala

  • All Engineering Disciplines: We have an expert from every engineering discipline. We have helped engineers from various fields like mechanical, civil, electrical, telecom, software, and chemical engineering file a successful CDR report and seek EA approval.
  • Project Selection & Guidance: Our reason for 100% success rate is the keen-eye of our CDR experts. They can guide you in picking up the best projects of your career for writing your career episodes. They will help you turn your projects into career episodes that would put a great impression on the assessment authorities.
  • CV Preparation: Your curriculum vitae is another important aspect of CDR preparation. We can help you design the perfect resume as per your occupational category as per the Australian requirements.
  • EA Approved CDR Samples: Get CDR samples based on our real client reports that have been approved by the Engineers Australia. You can use them as a reference to create your perfect CDR report.
  • Easy Modifications: We have a fifteen-day free revision policy for our clients. You can easily get your report revised from us if you are not happy with what we have suggested to you. Consulting is never a hassle.
  • Free Plagiarism Report: We recommend that you should not rely on free plagiarism checkers available readily online as you have no idea of their relevance and scope. Instead, we offer you a free plagiarism report for your CDR and ensure that you submit 100% original and unique documents.
  • CDR Help 24X7: Our teams are working day and night to ensure all your CDR queries are solved. Connect with us at any time and get prompt responses. We ensure that you will never have to face any delays once you hire us for CDR help.

Ensure All Technicalities With CDR Reviewing Services in Kerala

Want to ensure that your CDR is correct as per the latest EA guidelines? Connect with our CDR experts right now and avail our CDR review services in Kerala. Many times applicants do not follow the format correctly which leads to rejection of the CDR report. The technical aspects play an important role in ensuring a positive approval from EA. This service also includes editing and proofreading of CDR reports that will improve the quality of your document. We not only used special tools for proofreading but our CDR experts manually check each document manually and assess them accordingly.

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