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We, at, are a team of skilled professionals, flawless writers and CDR experts. We are well-versed with the migration skills assessment process associated with Australia immigration and can provide you with the best possible assistance in India for CDR writing.

We are a team of intellects who keep an eye on the latest updates and changes in the Engineers Australia skill assessment process. Our team includes industry experts from various engineering disciplines including mechanical, civil, information technology, electrical, biochemistry, transportation, naval, petroleum, production and more!

We have helped engineers from not just India but all across the globe in completing their CDR report writing with confidence. With more than 98% success rate in getting a CDR approved from EA, we have proved our excellence and expertise.

Our writers adhere to the latest guidelines for CDR report writing as given in the MSA (Migration Skill Assessment) Booklet. Our experts understand the competency requirements for all the four occupational categories by Engineers Australia – Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate and Engineering Manager. We will help you select the right ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation) code for your profession and the correct occupational category.


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I have always feared writing essays. And, with three Career Episodes, I couldn’t even understand how to begin with. I reached out to for consultation and guidance on CDR writing. They took me through the entire process comprehensively, cleared all doubts, and made me more confident.

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Best CDR Writing Services in Hyderabad For Guaranteed Success in Skills Assessment

What is CDR Writing?

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a collective document that includes details about your educational and professional career. Here, you mention all your educational details and achievements. You provide information about what all activities you have pursued to enhance your skills as an engineer. You provide details about three major projects of your career and what roles you played in them. At last, you have to provide how your competencies match with the ones that are required by Engineers Australia.

There are 5 main documents required in a CDR report – CPD or Continued Professional Development, Three Career Episodes and Summary Statement. Along with these five main documents you need to provide your personal details, CV or Curriculum Vitae and English Language Test Results. You need to make sure that your CDR report is not plagiarised in any sense and the information that you provide is completely based on your career.

What Steps Do We Follow in CDR Writing?

Preparing all the required documents for your CDR is not a one-day task. It requires the collection of facts and information about yourself and the organization of that information in a presentable manner. It is unlike filling an application form or a predefined template. You have to write 1000-2500 words essays in your career episodes which might be a daunting task for many. Therefore, can help you. We have divided the whole process into simple steps and we shall be guiding you through each one of them.

Step 1: Understanding The Guidelines
First and foremost, you must understand the format of the CDR report for Australia. Like we already mentioned, it is a formal document of great importance. It can break or make your pathway to Australia. So you must read the MSA booklet and go through the Engineers Australia website to know all about CDR writing.

Step 2: Create a Strategy
You need to select three different and significant projects or tasks of your career that you would like to put in your career episodes. Then, you have to gather all the relevant information about these episodes. Similarly, you must have a list of seminars you attended, workshops you conducted, courses you pursued in order to enhance your skills. All this preparation required time.

Step 3: Prepare The First Draft of CDR Report
Once you have all the information, you must create an outline of the report. Then, as per that outline, start writing your CDR report. You need to be sure of what to include in your report and what details to put aside especially while preparing the career episodes. Your writing must be clear and impressive.

Step 4: Review Your Work
Many applicants do not execute this step properly and later have to face the consequences. It is important to review your work and do proper editing and proofreading before finalizing your report. Again, you cannot perform all this in just a day or two. You need time to review your report carefully.

How long is Engineers Australia assessment valid for?

Once you have submitted your CDR report to Engineers Australia and received the outcome, it will remain valid for up to three years for migration purposes. However, with Engineers Australia your assessment would be valid indefinitely. This means you can anytime request them for an updated letter of assessment after three years of your assessment.

You must note that once you have submitted for assessment, you have to go with the outcome. Engineers Australia gives you a chance for a review and then an appeal if you are not satisfied with the outcome. But the appeal is the last chance. You have to accept the outcome after that anyhow. So why not create a perfect CDR in the first place?

Rules For Creating CDR for Engineers Australia

  • All the parts of the CDR report are to be written adhering to certain guidelines and format. Each career episode should be 1000-2500 words.
  • The summary statement should be at least 900 words or above. The CPD list should not exceed a page. These are some of the basic rules of CDR writing.
  • You should write clearly in Australian English. Take care of the grammar and spelling while writing the CDR. Make sure your report is free of jargon and unnecessary explanations.
  • You must address all the competencies given by Engineers Australia in your career episodes and summary statement. Make sure you prepare the career episodes by keeping those competencies in mind.
  • Do not follow any unauthenticated CDR samples for creating your report. Make sure each and every information you provide is authentic and as per your knowledge.

Reasons for CDR Rejection

Many times we have talked to clients who have faced rejection of CDR reports in the past or they have been asked to provide sufficient information and evidence for their report. Getting your CDR rejected is a serious issue and none of the applicants should take it lightly. Here four main things to take care of to prevent CDR rejection from EA:

  • Ensure Zero Plagiarism: One of the most important aspects of CDR writing is that it should be original. If you are planning to present someone else’s work in your name, beware of the severe consequences such as a ban.
  • Include Some Technical Information: Your career episodes should include some kind of technical evidence to support your information such as diagrams, tables, calculations etc. They should not be completely technical but some sort of technical input would put a strong impression.
  • Follow The Format: Make sure you are following the format of the CDR report as per the MSA booklet. Do not assume that you can create the report the way you want. It has to be created under a standard format.

Why Hire for CDR Report Writing in Hyderabad

  • Native CDR Writers and Engineers: We have dedicated teams including native Australian CDR writers, engineers and industry professionals that provide their CDR writing services in Hyderabad, India. This makes us a much reliable source from any other India-based CDR writing service.
  • All Engineering Disciplines Covered: We have experts from various engineering fields so that we can provide your discipline-specific expertise and CDR help. Our services are available for all engineering disciplines including mechanical, chemical, biomedical, civil, electrical and geotechnical engineering.
  • EA Approved CDR Samples: You can get an authentic sample of CDR report, career episodes, CDP or summary statement from us any time. Our samples are based on the EA approved CDR reports of our clients and would be your perfect source of reference.
  • Free Revision Policy: If our work fails to convince you then we offer a two-week window to obtain free revision and modification of your CDR. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Free Plagiarism Report: We will offer you a free copy of the plagiarism report along with your order as proof of originality. We understand that sometimes plagiarism can be unintentional therefore we use the best tool for plagiarism detection.
  • Round The Clock Services: We are here 24X7 to provide you with the best CDR help. We promise prompt responses from our team and zero delays in your work. This is why we have been the best so far in CDR services.

Consult us right now for the best, transparent and convenient online CDR writing services in Hyderabad, India. We are sure our team has the experience and expertise to guide you in the best possible way for your CDR report. Check out our free CDR samples or glance through our customer reviews for a better idea of our work and enthusiasm.

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