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Over the past few years hundreds of Indian engineers have immigrated to Australia for better career opportunities and exposure. These include mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, telecommunication engineers, aeronautical engineers, transport engineers, software engineers and chemical engineers. The first step of the immigration process of Australia includes a skills assessment. In this process, the applicant is required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) that showcases their work experience and capabilities.

CDR reports have to be of high quality and precision which is why many engineers prefer additional help in CDR writing. They often look for experienced CDR writers and experts who can guide them with the latest procedures and requirements for creating the CDR.

If you are wondering where to find such expertise and quality then our CDR writing services in Chennai are the perfect place for you. We, at, have a pool of native Australian writers, CDR experts and guides who provide the best support in creating CDR reports in India. We have been serving our clients for over a decade and are fully aware of the guidelines of Engineers Australia regarding CDR preparation.


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The Best CDR Writing Services in Chennai For Guaranteed Success in MSA Engineers Australia

What is the CDR report for Engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia (EA) is the designated authority for skill assessment of most engineering occupations. It provides six different pathways for migration skill assessment and one of them is presenting a competency report. This pathway is to be chosen by those engineers who have Non-Accredited Qualifications or are Engineering Managers. EA provides a special format for the report and standard guidelines on how to create the CDR correctly.

What is the MSA Process of Engineers Australia?

The MSA or Migration Skill Assessment process is a way of assessing the qualifications and work experience of engineers. This assessment is based on the competencies that are expected for them as per the Australian standards. The skill assessment helps Australian authorities to identify whether an applicant is qualified enough for working in Australia and whether they should be able to apply for Australian visa.

What is the format of a CDR for Australia?

CDR report is a format document that represents your achievements, abilities and engineering skills to the authorities. No matter how much experience you have, you need to represent the same in the very best manner in this report to bag a positive skills assessment report for EA. There is a specific format to be followed for creating CDR and the information for which is given in the migration skill assessment booklet by Engineers Australia. Generally, a CDR consists of the following:

  1. CPD or Continuing Professional Development List which is a list of all the activities that you have undertaken in order to enhance your engineering skills and perform well in your professional career.
  2. Three Career Episodes that represent your work experience in an elaborate manner stating your competencies and achievements clearly as expected by Engineers Australia.
  3. A Summary Statement that concludes your career episodes by representing how well you have all the competencies as expected by Engineers Australia.

Additionally, you are required to provide your curriculum vitae or CV, English language test results, personal information like name, occupation, professional information such as employment evidence, educational certificates etc. along with your CDR report to Engineers Australia.

Important Things To Note While CDR Writing

It can be a little overwhelming for you to gather all the information about the competency demonstration report for Engineers Australia and understand all the requirements. Even if you are able to understand the requirements of CDR writing, ensuring that you have adhered to all of them is a struggle in itself. Therefore, you must take the help of our expert CDR writing services in Chennai. Take a look at some of the important points associated with CDR writing:

  • You need to provide sufficient evidence to support your competency report. It includes evidence for nominated occupation and application of knowledge in the nominated occupation.
  • You need to match with the competency standards as per the ANZSCO code of your nominated occupation.
  • You need not copy the CDR report from anyone else or use a predefined template to create your report. Your report must be 100% plagiarism free otherwise it might get rejected and you might have to face serious consequences.
  • You must write in correct Australian English with no grammatical errors. Your report must be impactful enough to create a positive impression on the assessor.
  • Following the CDR writing guidelines as given in the migration skills assessment booklet is a must. For instance, your career episodes must be in essay format with all the paragraphs numbered. The summary statement should be tabular based on the template provided by Engineers Australia.
  • Before you submit your CDR you should consider the checklist provided by Engineers Australia in the MSA booklet and ensure that you have all the necessary documentation.

Why Hire for Professional Help With CDR Report Writing

The CDR report is to be specifically written by the applicant however, there are hundreds of things considering that report for which the applicant requires guidance. From understanding the purpose of the competency demonstration report for Engineers Australia to its format and polishing, experts at are here to provide you with the right information and guidance at our CDR writing services in Chennai. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking professional expertise help for writing your CDR report.

  • CDR Reviewing Services – Let our experts review your CDR as per the guidelines of Engineers Australia. We ensure that what you will receive would be a high-quality documentation with higher chances of getting an approval from EA. We provide complete services to make your CDR up to the mark whether it be revamping your career episodes or correcting the summary statement.
  • CDR Editing and Proofreading Services – Have you edited your CDR yet? If not then let a professional CDR writer take a look and extract even the slightest of errors in your writing. You never know even a misplaced proposition can be a bad reflection. We guarantee that once you allow us, we will make your CDR 100% error free.
  • CDR Plagiarism Check – Are you still trusting those free plagiarism checkers available online? Well, you must get your report checked from our trustworthy plagiarism checker tool which compares it with an extensive database of online and offline documents. We also check the report manually and ensure that the in-text citations are correctly placed.
  • Timely CDR Writing – Need your CDR report in just a week or less? We have the expertise to handle all stringent deadlines. Consult as soon as possible and get your CDR report completed on time. We make sure that there are zero delays!
  • 24/7 CDR Writing Services in Chennai – Connect with us at any time! No matter whether you are from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or any other country. We are here working round the clock for your assistance. Just give us a call or send your quick enquiry over our website.

Check out EA Approved CDR Sample Reports for a Better Reference

We believe in showcasing our talent and winning our client’s confidence. This is why we are offering samples of previously created CDR reports which have been approved by Engineers Australia already. We have engineering discipline-specific career episodes, summary statements and CPD lists that can help you understand the complete format of CDR writing in just an hour. You can easily catch up with the CDR writing tone required and see how to present your own competencies in the report.

No matter whether you are a chemical engineer, biomedical engineer, civil engineer or electrical engineer, we have the right CDR sample just for you. So wait no more and place your order right away and start working on your CDR writing under our guidance for a guaranteed approval.

If you are worried about the costing, say no more! We guarantee the best price range for CDR Writing Services in Chennai. Our prices are the most reasonable in the market with much better quality CDR writing services. We offer amazing refund and rework policies with exclusive discounts from time to time. So do not forget to check out our complete website before placing your order. Rest, our customer support team is forever ready to answer your queries and concerns.

If you have the determination to immigrate to Australia, we shall provide you with adequate help in clearing the skill assessment process successfully. Contact us today!

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