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Indians form more than one third of immigrants in Australia. Every year hundreds of Indian engineers from places like Bangalore, Kerala and Hyderabad dream to move to Australia. The very first step of Australian immigration is the skills assessment and ensures that you take this step right. To complete this process you are required to submit a CDR or Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document that represents your knowledge and skills as an engineer to the Engineers Australia that assesses them against the Australian standards.

Our team comprises the best CDR experts of Australia, many of them are engineers who have received an approval on their CDR report from Engineers Australia. They hold the right experience and expertise that will guide you in achieving success in your skills assessment procedure. Our wide range of CDR writing services in Bangalore are tailor-made for every engineer who is willing to create their CDR report the right way.


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Exemplary CDR Writing Services Bangalore For EA Skills Assessment

Taking CDR help from our experts will ensure that your report does not have any technical issues. We will help you prepare the best quality CDR report with absolutely zero grammatical errors, no punctuation mistakes and 100% correct formatting. We also provide you with a plagiarism report for your CDR to ensure that your document is completely original and unique. We offer CDR writing services in India for civil, mechanical, mining, naval, petroleum, telecommunication and almost all engineers disciplines.

What is the importance of a CDR?

Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia is a narration of your engineering career. You will be able to showcase how well you have handled the engineering projects being assigned to you and what duties you have performed as an engineer in three career episodes of the CDR. You will also showcase what all steps you have taken to enhance your engineering skills for a better career in the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) list. At last, you will match your competencies with those required by Engineers Australia in the CDR summary statement.

All these three types of CDR documents have special formats and writing instructions that you need to follow. The standard instructions given in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet by Engineers Australia.

How long will Engineers Australia take to process my CDR?

A competency report can be provided in case of both accredited and non-accredited qualifications. However the processing times may vary depending on various factors. In general, CDR processing for accredited occupations takes upto 7 weeks to complete while for non-accredited qualifications, it takes upto 9 weeks. After the processing of your CDR and other relevant documents, your report is forwarded to an EA officer for assessment. You can fasten

  • your CDR processing by ensuring that:
  • You have included all the relevant documents
  • Your application is complete and accurate
  • Your report contains no plagiarism
  • Your CDR is complete and has the correct format
  • You have selected the right ANZSCO code for your occupation

Can I get a ban of 12 months if my CDR gets rejected by EA?

If an applicant has not written their CDR report as per the standard guidelines and instructions by Engineers Australia, their CDR gets rejected. Then they are either asked to add some missing documents and resubmit the CDR or they might be asked to reapply by creating a CDR from scratch.

Ban from reapplying or serious punishments are generally given for serious violations of the Engineers Australia’s rules. One of them is plagiarism. If your CDR report is found to be plagiarised, Engineers Australia can ban you for 12 months from reapplying or rebusmitting your CDR. So rejection would not mean ban from reapplying until stated otherwise.

How Do I Write a CDR Report? | Best CDR Writing Tips From Native Expert Writers

CDR Writing Tips for CPD List

  • CPD List is an important document as it reflects how you kept yourself updated with the latest requirements in your field. This also reflects how dedicated you are towards your career.
  • For instance, you might have pursued a tertiary course, attended workshops or seminars or had done some volunteer work.
  • You can mention that all in your CPD list. One thing to ensure while creating your CPD list is that it should not be more than one page long.

CDR Writing Tips for Career Episodes

  • Career episode report is the main document of CDR and it includes all the details about your engineering career and experience.
  • You have to create three career episodes where each would discuss one of your projects as an engineer and will explain what role you played in the projects.
  • Career episodes are written in the first person and are like an essay of 1000-2500 words.
  • All the career episodes must be distinct and focus on a different engineering activity of your career.
  • You must ensure you have provided all the competencies as required by Engineers Australia in the career episodes and that would help you create the summary statement further.

CDR Writing Tips for Summary Statement

  • Summary statement concludes your career episodes and is entirely based on the competencies provided by Engineers Australia.
  • It is written in a tabular format and it need not be limited to just one page.
  • If you pick up one element of competency from the list, you need to make sure that you cover all its sub-elements.
  • Do not copy summary statements from anyone else as it is based on the career episodes that you have provided so if copied your CDR might get rejected.

Reasons To Choose for CDR Writing Services in Bangalore

  • Get Your CDR Report on Time

We work as per the deadlines given by our clients. We ensure that they are able to speed up the process and not delay it further. So rest assured that you are going to get outstanding CDR writing services at Bangalore from us.

  • Engineering Experts to Back Up Your CDR

Our team comprises the right experts that can help you create every document of your report in an impressive manner. We understand the terms, conditions and requirements of Engineers Australia and we guarantee to fulfil them all for you.

  • All Engineering Domains Covered

Be it electronics, telecommunications, network, structure, biomedical, geotechnical, civil or any other engineering field. We are here to help you create career-specific CDR reports. We do not provide any generalized help in CDR. We prefer following a very specific and career-oriented CDR assistance for our client’s betterment.

  • Helpline that Runs 24X7

We are here for our clients every time. Just drop in your query no matter if it is 12 at midnight or 5 in the morning. Our support services are here for you. This is why we are able to match up with our client’s requirements every time because we never stop working.

  • Prices you Couldn’t Imagine!

Before any shiny CDR writing service in Bangalore lures you with dreams of Australia and empties your pockets, take a look at the prices we are demanding. We are sure you would like to try us once and that would be your best decision we guarantee.

  • Zero Plagiarism Guarantee

We would not want EA to impose any bans on you. Therefore we use sophisticated plagiarism checker tools to ensure that your work is completely original and error free.

Want to save your CDR from being rejected? Check out our Top Features of an EA Approved CDR

  • Follows all the guidelines and formats as mentioned in the MSA booklet by Engineers Australia.
  • No grammar mistakes, no language-related issues. All sentences are proper and meaningful.
  • No copy and past of your project work from your project report. It should be written in a narrative format.
  • Each career episode should be distinct. One should not divide a project into two parts and mention them in two episodes.
  • Career episodes include problem statements and your role in solving them.
  • Including appropriate technical details without excessively highlighting them.
  • All the report is smartly put together and describes your journey in a meaningful way.

Avail Our CDR Writing Services Bangalore Today For 100% Success in MSA

Consult our specialists in developing career episodes, CPD and summary statements for your CDR. We cover all the occupational categories for Professional Engineers, Engineering Associates and Engineering Technologists. Get step by step guidance on the migration skills assessment process along with a document checklist and correct application fee submission. Check out our free CDR samples as a bonus gift for selecting our services. Connect with the customer support team for more information.

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