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Networking and telecommunications services are on the rise all across Australia. With more and more businesses whether big or small going digital these days, telecom network engineers are in great demand in the industry. The Australian job market offers an average annual salary of AU$86K to telecom network engineers. The job of telecom engineers is quite responsible as mostly they have to take care of the proper functioning of their companies networking and communication services. As per Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations or ANZSCO telecom network engineers require at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology with knowledge of networking technologies or network security is a must.

The process of creating the career episode report can be a little daunting in the first place for engineers. The competency report or CDR is an important document that every engineer has to create and get assessed from Engineers Australia. In order to receive a positive assessment in the report, one has to ensure that they have prepared it on their own and have showcased excellent communication skills.

The ANZSCO occupation code for telecom network engineers is 263312. Your job roles and duties must match with the job description and competencies provided by ANZSCO for telecom network engineers if you want to get a positive assessment. Let us further see how you can create your career episodes.


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5 Things to Avoid While Writing Career Episodes for Telecom Network Engineer ANZSCO Code 263312

#1 Do not copy career episodes from a template – You might find hundreds of free samples and example templates for career episodes but you must not copy them. Engineers Australia expects every engineer to create their career episodes from scratch as it is a personalized document. Submitting plagiarised reports can lead to rejection and further consequences.

#2 Avoid grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes – Do not write your report in a rush as you will make many mistakes that could be avoided. Give yourself enough time to edit and proofread your work. You must read your career episodes at least twice or thrice and ensure that they are grammatically correct.

#3 Do not just assume the format of the career episodes – Always follow the migration skill assessment booklet (MSA booklet). It contains all the information about how to create CDR, CPD, career episodes and summary statements. It also states their significance that shall make it much easier for you to create the documentation.

#4 Do not copy someone’s project – Select your projects carefully. Give yourself some time to pick up the best projects you have worked on, where you have played a keen role and have made a difference. You must have enough evidence to support your role in the project. Do not think of copying someone else’s work as the assessor would probably recognize that sooner or later.

#5 Do not trust every free resource – Career episodes play a great role in making your career in a foreign country. Anything of such high value cannot come without a price. So before you get lured into websites offering free career episode writing services, think twice. Collect enough references before making a selection.

Four Important Sections of a Career Episode

Every career episode has to follow a standard format that is defined by Engineers Australia. Career episodes are written in a narrative format. As per this format, there are four sections of a career episode and each section has its importance and purpose. Here is a short glimpse of all these sections:

  • The career episode begins with a small introductory section where the engineer has to give very basic details of their project such as its name, place and duration. Followed by this section is the background section. Here, the engineer builds up the content of the episode by providing the background and supportive details for the project like why was the project needed, what was the objective etc.
  • The main section of the career episode is ‘personal engineering activity’ section. This section is to be written in 1000 words. The engineer is required to elaborate on the engineering tasks and strategies he pursued in the project and the role that he played in completing the project.
  • At last, one has to conclude the career episode in the summary section and give an overall view of the project and their role in that project.

Engineering Activities to Include in Career Episodes for Telecom Network Engineer ANZSCO Code 263312

Engineering activities are required to be included in the career episodes for CDR Australia. These activities represent all duties you performed and how. You must choose the right engineering activities to represent your work, dedication and role in the project. Consider a few examples of engineering activities as approved by ANZSCO for telecom network engineers:

  • Maintaining the networking infrastructure such as routers, switches, modem, and telephone systems in the organization
  • Ensuring minimum risks of data loss or intrusion by keeping a check on the database systems and their working environment
  • Designing, creating and implementing new networking systems and technologies
  • Determining the network plan requirements by collecting and monitoring data
  • Assessing the performance of software and hardware systems and ensuring that the network system is running efficiently
  • Determining the network topologies, electrical circuit diagrams and transmission line routes to ensure optimal networking

Job Description of Telecom Network Engineers

Businesses all across Australia are now using video-conferencing, wireless networking and other communication technologies to ensure that businesses are up and running. Many employees can now work from home which further increases their demand for network services. To ensure that businesses are able to communicate effectively within and outside of the organization, telecom network engineers are highly required. From setting up the network routers to the maintenance and protection of the networking system, telecom network engineers do all to make communicating easier for the employees. They can alternatively be known as Communications Specialists, Computer Network Architects, Telecommunication Consultant or Telecommunications Specialist.

Skills to mention in Career Episodes of Telecom Network Engineers

It is important to highlight your technical skills and engineering knowledge in your career episode report. Telecom network engineers must have great telecommunications skills that include knowledge of broadcasting, transmission and operation of telecommunication systems. They must be well-versed with computing systems such as processors, electronic equipment, computer hardware and software. They must also be very good with interpersonal and administration skills so that they can work as part of a team and handle leadership positions as well.

Where to Find Sample Career Episodes for Telecom Network Engineers ANZSCO Code 263312 has occupation-specific writers and CDR experts. Our elite team of telecom network engineers CDR help create sample career episodes as per the Engineers Australia guidelines and latest requirements for reference. We provide samples based on already approved CDR reports from EA. Get instant samples from us and start creating your career episodes right away. We also provide quality assurance services for your career episodes. This includes the following:

  • Editing of career episodes to ensure that each career episode follows the right format and each career episode is different in itself. Highlighting the right parts of career episodes to create an impact on the assessor.
  • Proofreading career episodes to ensure that there are no language inconsistencies in the document. Removing even the smallest of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes and making your document perfect.
  • Providing plagiarism checker service using our highly sophisticated and up-to-date plagiarism check tool. Using in-text citations wherever necessary and ensuring none of the other material is copied from someone else.

Our help with your career episodes can ensure your success in the migration skill assessment process of Australia. We provide trustworthy CDR services all across the globe and have the most experienced, native CDR experts in our panel. Send us a query right away and make a good start to your journey to Australia.

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