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Structural engineers can find suitable jobs in engineering consultancies, local authorities, aircraft manufacturers, railroad companies and oil manufacturers. Basically, a structural engineer performs the job of creating, planning and constructing new buildings, properties, machinery and other structures. They might gain specialization in specific engineering fields such as aircraft, buildings, bridges, pipelines or tunnels. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or higher is required to become a structural engineer. In Australia, structural engineers can get an average annual salary of AU$73K and can find jobs in various locations such as Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Newcastle.

If you also aspire to settle down in Australia and find a prosperous career as a structural engineer then you must present three effective career episodes along with your CDR or competency demonstration report to Engineers Australia. This is a process of skill assessment that is to be done before you apply for your visa. The career episodes will help in deciding whether your knowledge and skills are compatible with Australian work ethics and requirements. is here to support you in creating the best possible career episode report for your skill assessment.


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How Can I Create Career Episodes for Structural Engineer ANZSCO Code 233214

The CDR report provides an overview of your professional and educational career in structural engineering. Career episodes are a part of the CDR report that helps in showcasing your competencies as an engineer. Engineers Australia has categorized various engineering professionals into four major categories namely professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate and engineering manager. Based on these occupational categories, it has defined some competency elements that every applicant must fulfil. The more competency elements you showcase in your career episode report, the more compatible you are to work in Australia. Therefore, you must prepare your career episodes dedicatedly.

Important Tips for Structural Engineers for Creating Career Episodes

You must create career episodes as per the guidelines and requirements are given by Engineers Australia. You can refer to the migration skills assessment booklet for more information on the competency report and the skills assessment process. The CDR summary statement is also based on the three career episodes that you have to create therefore you must understand the format completely. Here are some important tips that you must consider while creating career episodes for CDR.

  • There are three career episodes to be submitted with your career episode. However, many times applicants ignore the fact and submit just one combined career episode which leads to delay or rejection of their CDR.
  • Many times applicants refer to unauthentic and unreliable sources for career episode samples and then just copy their format. Such reports often face rejection or plagiarism consequences as Engineers Australia is strictly against plagiarism.
  • Applicants often include many technical details in their career episodes which are again not at all required. However, recently Engineers Australia has allowed the incorporation of supportive diagrams, tables and charts but still, you need not provide many technical details in your report.
  • You must not present your career episode without proofreading it. For engineers who are creating their career episodes on their own, there are chances of simple yet common grammatical errors and logical mistakes. Getting your work edited and proofread from a professional can help you enhance your career episodes to a great extent.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episodes for Structural Engineer ANZSCO Code 233214

  • Analyzing the configurations of the structures that need to be created
  • Calculating the strain and stress associated with the components of the structure and ensuring that the structure will stay put during difficult environmental conditions as well such as earthquakes, rains etc.
  • Considering what materials can be used in the construction of the structures, using combinations of different materials
  • Working in coordination with construction engineers, architects and project managers for finalizing designs and construction process
  • Investigating the environmental conditions, ground conditions and precautions along with geotechnical engineers
  • Creating drawings, sketches, computer-aided models and specifications for construction

Job Description for Structural Engineers

Structure engineers are innovators and creators. They use their technical skills and engineering knowledge to create different structures and enhance the world. They need to design structures that are capable of standing strong enough under pressure and various environmental conditions. They might also have to examine already created structures and maintain them or restore them. They decide which materials shall be suitable for construction and hence help in creating the requirements for the same. They shall use their technical skills in creating models or computer-aided designs for presentations, analysis and records.

Skills to mention in Career Episodes for Structural Engineers

Structural engineers must possess good analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to perform technical calculations. Computer skills and knowledge of design software for construction is a bonus in today’s digital world. They must also possess excellent written and verbal communication abilities and preparing career episodes is a great way to showcase your communication skills. They must also highlight their attention to details and teamwork skills in career episodes and catch attention.

For instance, you might explain how you coordinated with other engineers, what barriers you faced and how you used your skills to work past those barriers. You must provide three different projects or engineering tasks in each career episode respectively. You can showcase how your interest and passion in construction has led to your success in this field.

Where to Find Career Episode Samples for Structural Engineer ANZSCO Code 233214

You can trust for Engineers Australia approved career episode samples for structural engineers. Our well-qualified and experienced team of CDR experts and career episode writers has created high-quality samples for your reference. Many of our CDR experts have themselves gone through the skills assessment process by Engineers Australia and very well understand the important things related to career episode writing. You can also get a complete CDR sample for structural engineers that would include sample CV, CPD list, the three career episodes and summary statement.

Along with this, our team can help you select the best project for your structural engineer career episode report. They can help you identify what duties and responsibilities you should include in your episode and how to highlight your core competencies. You will be able to easily recognize how much technical information you need to include in your report. We can also ensure that your career episode report is 100% original and contains zero plagiarism. Engineers Australia allows in-text citations in the career episodes. But otherwise, the report should be completely original.

Get guaranteed satisfaction, prompt service and 100% confidentiality! is here 24/7 for your assistance. We offer career episode writing help in every engineering discipline for the Australia skill assessment process. Connect with us right away for your guaranteed immigration to Australia.

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