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From local businesses to large multinational companies, Australia offers a promising career for production engineers. They are required in various industries including automotive, aerospace, oil refineries, pharmaceutical, plastics, plants and manufacturing. Whether it be Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin or Adelaide, production engineers are in huge demand at various locations in Australia. The average annual salary of production engineers in Australia is around AU$68K. As far as formal degrees are concerned, generally, production engineers have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or mechanical engineering. A master’s degree can help them climb the ladder and gain better knowledge.

To showcase your skills as a production engineer and highlight your potential, you need to provide an effective career episode report to Engineers Australia and obtain a positive skill assessment. Skills assessment is one of the eligibility criteria for applying for an Australian visa. In this process, you will have to submit a competency demonstration report or CDR to Engineers Australia. This will help the assessment committee decide whether your experience can match with Australian standards and workplace requirements. Now let us see today how you can create career episodes in a highly effective manner and make the process of skills assessment much easier for you.


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How Do I Create Career Episodes for Engineers Australia – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Our CDR writing experts have seen that many applicants at first feel confident in creating their career episodes. One can easily find the correct format for a career episode in the migration skills assessment booklet provided by Engineers Australia. Now, all you have to do is collect and organise the facts related to your projects and professional career that you want to put in each episode. And, this is where they start facing issues in creating their career episodes. So here are 5 things that you must take care of while working on your career episodes and you will be able to complete them in no time.

#1 First and foremost, be very careful with the format of the career episodes. Many times applicants create career episodes just like the summary statement for CDR that is, in a tabular format. Engineers Australia strictly prohibits that.

#2 Ensure that you have the latest knowledge about the guidelines for creating a career episode. Applicants generally do not pay much attention to the latest updates. Even if they refer to the migration skills assessment booklet, they are unable to ensure that their career episode report caters to all the requirements.

#3 Selecting the right project for your career episodes is also a big challenge. Your project and the role you have played in the same plays a major role in highlighting your capabilities and competencies as a production engineer.

#4 Editing and proofreading your own work is also a challenge for many applicants. They are unable to spot any errors in their writing while many of them do not bother editing their work and decide to submit the report as it is. All of this can affect their assessment.

#5 Many times it is difficult for the applicants to make a start and begin writing their career episode. This could be because of the fear of failure or simple procrastination. This leads to delay in their application submissions which further delays their immigration process.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episodes for Production Engineer ANZSCO Code 233513

  • Finding and implementing ways to improve the costs of production and labour requirements
  • Creating the schedules for production including budgets and costs requirements
  • Connecting with suppliers and customers to ensure that there are no communication gaps
  • Working with chemical and electrical engineers to ensure that the system is working effectively
  • Taking note of the recent changes and updations in the production methods and technology and applying the same if necessary
  • Identifying, reporting and documenting the safety concerns related to production
  • Researching for new and innovative methods of production, experimenting and collecting data related to the same

What is the role of a Production Engineer?

Production engineers have the main role in designing, planning, implementing, and maintaining the manufacturing process in organizations. Their main aim is to ensure that the final product is of high quality and works in an optimal manner. They need to apply analytical thinking and creativity to solve problems related to manufacturing. They have to come up with cost-effective solutions for production and work in a way to reduce the impact on the environment. They might work together with other engineers from different departments and ensure coordination and teamwork in the production process.

What Should a Production Engineer know?

A production engineer must be aware of the process of producing a particular product. They must know how to run machines and train the other engineers or staff so that they can also use the equipment efficiently minimizing wastage of resources. Knowledge of environmental safety rules and general precautions while working in a production environment are also the necessities for production engineers. You must target to highlight such points in your career episodes for Engineers Australia.

Then, one must not forget to include the key skills of production engineers in the career episodes as they can highlight your work experience. This includes the effective presentation of communication skills and interpersonal skills. You can also highlight how your organizational skills were helpful at times in the project and how your commercial awareness came into use to mitigate health and safety issues. Although the career episodes should focus on ‘you’ only but you can highlight how you coordinated with the team and showed teamwork.

Where to Find Career Episode Samples for Production Engineer ANZSCO Code 233513?

Sample career episodes for production engineers can provide you with the best tips on writing career episodes on your own. They act as your references and guide you on how to create every section carefully. You can avoid making mistakes while writing your career episodes and try to match up with the tone and confidence with which the samples are written. is the best place to find such effectively written and trustworthy career episode samples. Our CDR writers have created each sample from scratch based on the competency reports of our clients that have been approved by Engineers Australia. You can get complete information on how to create the introduction, background and summary sections of the career episode and what all things to mention in the engineering activity section.

CDR experts at hold years of experience. They have helped hundreds of engineers from various industries and disciplines to find their way to Australia through an appropriate skill assessment. Connect with us any time and seek relevant guidance.

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