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Petroleum industry makes a great contribution to Australia’s economy. Every year, the country welcomes hundreds of petroleum engineers who can find the best career opportunities in Australia. The average annual salary of a petroleum engineer in Australia is around AU$113K. Petroleum engineers even with one year of professional experience are able to bag an annual salary as high as AU$70K. Most of the jobs related to petroleum engineering are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide however, opportunities can be found all across Australia.

To be eligible to apply for a visa, every petroleum engineer has to complete their skills assessment from Engineers Australia. Under this skills assessment process, they are asked to provide a competency demonstration report (CDR). This report showcases their talents, capabilities and academic and professional experiences as a petroleum engineer. The report also reflects their communication abilities and its positive assessment reflects that the applicant is eligible to work as per the Australian workplace standards. Let us now see how you can create the career episodes of the competency report and ensure a positive result of your skills assessment.


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How Many Career Episodes are Required for CDR Australia?

Your CDR report must contain three career episodes where each episode should be distinct from the other. The main aim of writing the career episode report is to show your experience and capabilities as a petroleum engineer. The report can also be your pathway to employment in Australia. You need to write the career episodes on your own in proper English language with no grammatical errors if you want to put a solid impression of your communication skills. Each career episode should be like an essay with different paragraphs. The word limit for each career episode is 1000-2500 words.

How do I write a career episode for Engineers Australia?

First you have to create an introduction section for your report in about 150 words. Here you can provide the basic information about your career episodes like the location, organization and duration. Then, you have to provide a section of around 500 words giving the background details for your episode. These background details should include the context of your episode, the objectives and expectations of your project.

After these basic details, you have to write the key section of your career episode report that includes details about your project. This section should be around 1500 words. You can provide the details of what role you played in the project and how you performed your duties. If you faced any issues and found their successful solutions, do not hesitate to mention them. At last, you have to summarize your career episode in just 150 words and provide a conclusion of your project.

Each career episode for your competency report will follow this format and has to be created in the same way. You must write in the first person as if you are narrating your journey as a petroleum engineer to the reader. You need to be careful with the language, vocabulary and grammar. Do not make the writing too complex just to showcase your knowledge. Write in simple yet impactful words. You can seek help from our professional career episode editing and proofreading services to polish your work and make it submission-ready.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episode for Petroleum Engineer ANZSCO Code 233612

  • Advising for operations in location, exploring and extraction of natural gas, petroleum and other oils
  • Determining what kind of equipment is required for drilling and excavation
  • Ensuring that the necessary safety precautions are being followed in the project including the safety of the staff
  • Planning sustainable and eco-friendly operations and implementing them
  • Ensuring that the drilling and extraction procedures are being conducted optimally and environmental regulations are being followed
  • Finding new oil reservoirs, developing and refining the extraction processes for new reservoirs

Job description for Petroleum Engineers as per ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation) Code 233612

The work of a petroleum engineer is quite demanding. They need to be aware of all the rules and regulations related to the extraction. They should be aware of the safety precautions and effective usage of the resources. Their skills might be required in designing new drilling equipment or maintaining the equipment. Petroleum engineers can find different roles in different industries such as petroleum geologists, production engineers, drilling engineers and reservoir engineers. They might have to put on hours with tablework if they want everything to go perfect on the fieldwork.

What are the Components of a CDR for Petroleum Engineers?

A CDR includes three main components along with a CV or Resume for petroleum engineers. These three components together decide whether you are capable of working in Australia as per its working standards. The first component is the CPD List or Continuing Professional Development List. This list is a documentation of all the work that you have done to gather more and more engineering skills to advance your career. This includes attending seminars, workshops or getting a tertiary qualification. Next component is the three career episodes for which you already have a complete idea now. At last, you have to create a summary statement for your CDR. This summary statement is entirely based on the three career episodes you have created. You can get complete information about how to create CDR for Engineers Australia from Seek guidance from our experts any time from anywhere.

Where to Find Career Episode Samples for Petroleum Engineer ANZSCO Code 233612?

If you are confused about how to write a career episode then you have come to the right place. is the exact place where you can find the best career episode samples for petroleum engineers and get a chance to enhance your CDR report. We have created occupation-specific career episode examples for your highlighting the key elements. These episodes are based on the CDR reports already approved by Engineers Australia and are 100% authentic. Recently, Engineers Australia has started accepting technical drawings, tables and charts in the career episode report. However, they should not be provided in detail. Only one or two supporting diagrams or tables are enough. You can get a clear idea of how to incorporate such diagrams into your career episodes through our samples.

Connect with our experts today to know more about creating career episodes. Get your career episode reports edited by professionals or seek a plagiarism report to ensure that you are submitting 100% original documents to Engineers Australia.

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