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Australia offers a great work environment for engineers where they can learn and expand their careers. Many industrial engineers from around the world apply for jobs in Australia and many have settled there with their families. The competition is quite tough therefore everyone is preparing to put their best foot forward to complete the process of application. At this time, one thing that can separate you from others is skills, knowledge and experience. The Migration skills assessment process by Engineers Australia gives you such an opportunity to showcase your communication as well as engineering skills and make a clear pathway to work in Australia as an industrial engineer through your competency demonstration report which is also known as CDR.

The CDR comprises three main components: career episodes, CPD or Continuing Professional Development List and a summary statement. As an industrial engineer, you are required to explain your job roles and duties in your career episode. Industrial engineers work to improve the manufacturing processes of the companies. They ensure that the machines are running efficiently and hence more profits are being made by utilizing the resources at their maximum. Generally, a bachelors engineering degree is required in this field and some prior work experience is preferred. On average, you can earn an annual salary of AU$ 70,000 as an industrial engineer. Let us see how you need to create the perfect career episode for CDR report Engineers Australia.


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What does a Career Episode for an Industrial Engineer need to Showcase?

The first thing to notice is the objective of creating career episodes. Many times industrial engineers applying for Australian jobs do not understand the purpose of a career episode report. They refer to some basic career report samples available for free on the internet and create one report for their CDR and later face the consequences. Career episodes are written to elaborate on your engineering skills, work experience and communication skills to the assessor of Engineers Australia or EA. For those who don’t know, Engineers Australia is one of the skill assessment bodies for Australia immigration that checks whether the engineers who want to settle in Australia are actually capable of meeting the employment expectations in Australia.

Things to include in career episode report for Industrial Engineers:

  • Engineering projects that are undertaken by you during college or in job
  • Engineering tasks that are undertaken by you in your occupation
  • Occupational role or job description of significant value
  • Engineering problems that you solved while working as an industrial engineer

Important Things to Note About the Format of a Career Episode for Industrial Engineers

  • You are required to create three career episodes for your CDR. Each career episode can be 1000-2500 words long. Always create your career episodes on your own. You can seek advice and guidance from an experienced person but ensure that you create your career episodes in your own words.
  • There is no need to discuss the manufacturing team or other departments, their duties and responsibilities. You need to focus on your work and your role. Use the words ‘I’, ‘Me’ more often rather than ‘Our’ or ‘We’. This means you need to write in the first person.
  • Ensure that you have created all the four sections of the career episode as defined by Engineers Australia. These sections are an introduction, background information, engineering activity and summary respectively. You can find more information about how to create these sections in the migration skills assessment booklet by EA.
  • Watch out for plagiarism! You can use in-text citations in your career episodes if you are referring to someone else’s work. Otherwise, all your writing should be plagiarism free or you will have to face severe consequences.
  • Ensure clarity and correctness in your career episode report. You need to create this report in English and ensure that you edit and proofread your work thoroughly to avoid any mistakes such as grammatical errors. You can also ask professional writers or CDR experts to proofread your report and enhance its quality.

Can you send me a Career Episode Sample for Industrial Engineers Australia?

Finding a sample career episode for industrial engineers is not that easy. But, you don’t have to worry at all as provides the best career episode report samples for industrial engineers. All these samples are based on the already approved competency reports by Engineers Australia. These samples are updated as per the latest CDR writing requirements. They will surely help you understand the purpose and the right method of creating career episodes. Our CDR experts are well-versed with the latest updates of Engineers Australia and can also guide you at every step of career episode report writing. We also offer editing and proofreading services where our experts will review your career episodes carefully and ensure that there is no scope of rejection. You can also get tested whether your career episodes are 100% plagiarism-free or not through our latest and most sophisticated plagiarism checker tool. ensures you complete your career episode report perfectly and get it approved as quickly as possible from EA.

Seek expert advice in selecting the right industrial engineering process for you from our CDR experts:

One of the most crucial aspects of creating career episodes is project selection. There can be chances that you get confused about which project to select and what responsibilities to highlight in the career episodes. A slight mistake here can straightaway degrade your final report and hence lower the chances of approval by Engineers Australia. Experts at can help you select the best projects that would highlight your work and skills in the best possible way. We can even help you modify your already written career episode report and make necessary enhancements to increase its quality.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episode for Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers often work in quality control departments and ensure maximum productivity of the industrial processes. They analyze operations and design workflows to ensure that the final product is prepared as per the standard guidelines. Whenever a new plant is set up for manufacturing products, industrial engineers are required the most to design and implement the manufacturing process. They also take care of costing and staffing. Here are some common engineering activities related to industrial engineers:

  • Determining whether the existing staff, availability of resources, availability of raw materials and manufacturing is effective or not
  • Increasing the productivity of a product by introducing and implementing better production processes and ideas
  • Communicating with other departments and engineers to ensure the development of designs as per the standard specifications
  • Estimating the cost of production and how any change in the designs can affect the production process
  • Using testing equipment, engineering drawings and three-dimensional models to ensure the efficiency of production
  • How to Create the Personal Engineering Activity Section of Career Episode?

How to Create the Personal Engineering Activity Section of Career Episode?

This is the main section of a career episode that focuses upon your role in the project and what all you have done to achieve the objectives of the project. You must clearly represent your role and what all work you did in the project. You must notice that the assessor of Engineers Australia is not interested in knowing how your team performed. The assessor is interested in knowing how you performed, what strategies you used, how you applied your skills, how you worked with other team members, what problems you faced and how you tackled them. Do not exaggerate your role here but do not underestimate yourself either. One thing that can help you achieve this is the choice of words in this section.

You can connect with our CDR experts at any time and get clarifications on all your doubts. Whether it be creating the different sections of career episodes, selecting the right project work or understanding the format, we are always here to help.

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