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Electrical engineering draftspersons career episode reports are created to represent their educational as well as professional experience. This will help the migration skills assessment authorities such as Engineers Australia to ensure whether the applicant will be able to match the requirements and working scenarios of the Australian enterprises and communities. Electrical engineering draftspersons work in coordination with electrical engineers in researching, designing, manufacturing, assembling, maintaining and installing electrical systems. They help the engineers in creating specifications and functional documents. Common study pathways for getting a job of electrical engineering draftsperson in Australia is through University of VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualifications.

Let us see how we can create career episodes for your Competency Demonstration Report and ensure that your application gets accepted for an Australia visa. You will be required to discuss your roles and responsibilities as an electrical engineering draftsperson and what projects you have worked in. You can mention how you worked in preparing drawings and diagrams of installation of electrical fittings and how you collected the costs and quantities. You can also mention if you conducted any workshops or seminars regarding the installation and assembling of devices.


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What does a Career Episode for an Electrical Engineering Draftsperson need to Showcase?

As you begin to create your career episode you must be clear of the purpose of creating such a report. Competency report is a very important document required by Engineers Australia that should be prepared by the engineer or the applicant on their own. A career episode is a snapshot of your career and you would be required to provide THREE such career episodes in your CDR. All three episodes must be distinct. You cannot break one project and divide it into three episodes. Therefore, the first step in creating a career episode report for electrical engineering draftsperson is to be clear with the selection of the projects and engineering activities. Your career episodes will also help create the summary statement for CDR so you must be very careful in selecting the competencies you want to showcase in your career episode. We have provided a few points to consider while creating your career episodes for Engineers Australia as per the migration skill assessment booklet.

Things to include in a Career Episode:

  • A project on which you have worked in your educational or professional career. You can also mention any current project
  • You need to highlight your role in the project. It is advised not to include such projects in which you have played a short role
  • It would be great if you could highlight how you used your skills as an electrical engineering draftsperson and helped in making the project a success
  • You can also mention the challenges that you might have faced in completing the project, elaborating them a little will enhance the credibility of your career episode report

What is the Format of a Career Episode for Electrical Engineering Draftsperson ANZSCO Code 312311?

A career episode is to be written in the format of an essay. EA provides the details of different sections that are to be addressed in a career episode and one must create their report in that format only. Many times applicants create tables, including a lot of technical details and diagrams which is not required. All this can lead to rejection of the CDR report completely or cause a delay in your skills assessment process as you will have to work on your competency report again. Each career episode can be between 1000 to 2500 words long and all the paragraphs must be numbered. This would help you create the next section of your CDR that is the summary statement.

Sections of Career Episode for Electrical Engineering Draftspersons:

  1. Introduction: This is the first section of the career episode and it provides an introduction to the episode such as the duration and location of the project, the name of your organization etc.
  2. Background: This is the second section of a career episode and it provides the basic details of the project or your engineering role that you want to discuss. This includes the purpose of your project, the nature of your project, your duties and responsibilities in the project, and the hierarchy of your organization.
  3. Engineering Activity: This is the main and the biggest part of the career episode report. It explains how you managed to achieve the objectives of your project, what challenges you faced and what strategies you applied. Try to be as specific as possible but do not mention too many technical details.
  4. Summary: This is the fourth and the last section of your career episode. It is just like a brief conclusion of your career episode and the points that you wanted to highlight in the entire episode.

Can you send me a Career Episode Sample for Electrical Engineering Draftsperson Australia?

Absolutely! If you are looking for some high-quality sample career episode reports then you have come to the right place. Our CDR experts have years of experience in creating approval-worthy CDRs and have helped hundreds of engineers complete their migration skills assessment process successfully. You might find various free career episode samples available on the internet. However, we recommend that you should never trust them until they are from a reliable source. Many times, applicants just copy-paste content from such samples and later on their report gets rejected due to plagiarism issues. The samples that we provide are authentic and 100% reliable. All the samples are based on CDR reports that are already approved by Engineers Australia. You can use our samples in various ways:

  • Take note of the correct format of career episodes
  • Understand the tone of writing required while creating career episodes
  • Check whether your career episode report includes all important information
  • Look out for common mistakes that you might have created while writing your report

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episode for Electrical Engineering Draftspersons

Electrical Engineering Draftspersons usually have an engineering degree or equivalent in electronics. Sometimes, vocational training education can also be an educational pathway for electrical engineering draftspersons. One of the main roles of electrical engineering draftspersons is to analyze information and clearly present the same to carry out electrical engineering processes. You would have to mention all such engineering activities that you performed in your career episode report for Engineers Australia. Here are a few examples:

  • Calculating the material requirements and transmission needs by examining the sites of the project
  • Designing and creating wire diagrams illustrating all the connections and distances
  • Resolving the issues that may arise in electrical planning by changing the drawings or providing training
  • Working with contractors and installers and directing them about electrical diagrams and their implementation

Want to know how to create the career episode summary for electrical engineering draftsperson ANZSCO Code 312311? No matter what guidance you require, our CDR experts can help you out. Our teams work 24/7 to provide you with the right career episode writing help. We also offer career episode editing, proofreading and plagiarism check services. Connect with the best CDR experts right now and avoid any mistakes in your career episode reports!

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