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Do you know that the career episode is the most important section of CDR? If you want a positive assessment from Engineers Australia (EA) regarding your CDR, you must focus more on the career episodes. Every CDR or Competency Demonstration Report includes THREE Career Episodes that signify how you as a chemical engineer managed to apply your engineering skills in your career. Since you need to create three such reports you must choose three most significant projects or designations of your career where you took great interest in solving problems and made a certain contribution to the project.

Creating career episodes is not that simple. It requires efforts, strategy and understanding of the purpose of the career episodes for CDR Engineers Australia. This article will help you understand how a chemical engineer needs to format their career episodes and the things that should never be overlooked while writing career episodes.


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What does a Career Episode for a Chemical Engineer need to Showcase?

First and foremost, you must understand the purpose of creating career episodes in your Competency Demonstration Report for skill assessment. The career episodes elaborate on your experience as a chemical engineer. They not only showcase your achievements but the complete background of how you managed to fulfil the objectives at different stages of your career. For instance, you might have prepared designs for different chemical processes or you might have worked on maintaining the chemical equipment to achieve maximum results.

Secondly, you must go through the occupational competencies provided by Engineers Australia in the Migration Skill Assessment booklet and try to incorporate them into your career episodes so that you can easily create your CDR summary statement, which is the next section after career episodes.

Things to include in Career Episode for Chemical Engineers ANZSCO Code 233111:

  • The tasks/projects that have been assigned to you in your occupation and how you managed to accomplish them
  • Technical problems that you encountered during your work and how you dealt with them
  • How you coordinated with other engineers or team members and achieved the objectives
  • How you used your chemical engineering skills to solve technical problems and achieve your goals
  • If you have created/designed something that was accepted as a standard product

What is the Format of a Career Episode?

Career episode report for Chemical Engineers is to be written in a narrative format rather than a tabular format. You should divide each episode into different paragraphs and number each paragraph. This would be essential while creating the summary statement for your CDR as it required a reference from the career episodes. The career episodes are to be written in the first person which means you need to use the words ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’ etc. in the episodes. One thing that you must take into consideration while preparing your career episodes is that they are all about ‘you’. Do not write on behalf of your team or company but behalf of yourself.

The four sections of a career episode report for Engineers Australia:

  1. Introduction: Here you need to mention the chronological order of the duration and location of your episode. You also need to clarify your roles and responsibilities.
  2. Background Information: It includes all the background knowledge about the career episode that you are discussing so that the person assessing your career episode report can understand the aims and objectives of the project and the structure of your organization.
  3. Engineering Activity: This is the main section of a career episode where you elaborate on the activities you pursued in that episode. This could include the strategies, methodologies and skills that you applied in solving a problem or accomplishing the goals of your project.
  4. Summary: Once you have explained everything, in the end, you will sum-up the episode by stating the final results of your project and your role in the project. Do not confuse this summary with the summary statement of the CDR report for Engineers Australia.

Can you send me a Career Episode Sample for Chemical Engineer Australia?

You might find numerous sample career episodes for chemical engineers for CDR Australia. However, before considering them, you must check the source and their authenticity. Many times you would have no idea whether that sample report is based on accepted CDRs by EA or not. We, at, offer you authenticity and professionalism when it comes to career episode samples for Chemical Engineers ANZSCO Code 233111.

We can provide you with sample career episodes based on the ones that are already accepted by Engineers Australia. Our team comprises the best CDR experts of Australia who understand the migration skill assessment process thoroughly. They have prepared various sample career episodes and competency reports that shall be helpful to you while formulating your documentation. Just connect with our customer support team and they will guide you through and provide you with the best samples for career episodes.

If you have any questions you can also connect with our CDR writers and experts and seek the best possible solutions. Our personalized guidance has been life-changing for many chemical engineers who are now well-settled in Australia.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episode for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers have a wide scope of employment. With new technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology being popular in the industry, chemical engineers can find new and better opportunities in their career. As per ANZSCO Code 233111, a chemical engineer is concerned with designing and preparing chemical processes. They are involved in working of commercial chemical plants, production of sustainable products, chemicals and polymers and other materials. Here are a few engineering activities that you may include in your career episodes:

  • Using correct chemicals, tools and equipment that are required in the chemical process
    Designing, implementing and testing chemical processes
  • Working with engineers for setting up chemical plants and ensuring that the plant offers maximum output levels
  • Applying new technologies and researching for sustainable alternatives
  • Working with producers of materials like cement, metals, polymers etc.
  • Ensuring that the safety measures are being followed while working with chemical equipment and materials

How to write a Career Episode Summary for Chemical Engineers ANZSCO Code 233111?

The summary statement for career episodes is much different from the summary state of the CDR report. Career episode’s summary statement is 50 to 100 words only. There will be three different summaries, one for each career episode. In that summary, you will conclude your career episode by providing the overall perspective of your project and your role in the project. You can also provide information about the results of your project in a line or two. Make sure you do not exceed the word limit for the career episode summary as prescribed by the Engineers Australia.

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