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Biomedicine is a branch of medical science and is also known as western medicine. Biomedical engineering mainly focuses on the application of various biomedical engineering principles and techniques that are used to combine medicine and biology. This branch of engineering is completely related to the healthcare sector and holds a great scope in Australia. The average salary of a biomedical engineer in Australia is around AU$64,959. Biomedical engineers can work in various sub-branches of medicine such as improving the machinery, designing new equipment, and utilize their knowledge of engineering, mathematics, physics and materials science in biology.

A career episode report of a biomedical engineer would suggest something like the above-stated job duties and roles but in an elaborate manner. Career episodes are a part of the CDR or Competency Demonstration Report that is to be submitted for the migration skills assessment process to the Engineers Australia (EA). The MSA booklet includes all the details of the format and guidelines of preparing a career episode however, many times engineers need more advice and guidance. This is why is here to assist you at all the steps of creating an approval-worthy career episode report for Australia migration.


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What does a Career Episode for a Biomedical Engineer need to Showcase?

As per the MSA process, every biomedical engineer who wishes to settle in Australia needs to provide one CDR report for assessment. This report includes a CPD (Continuing Professional Development), three career episodes and one summary statement. Each career episode showcases your achievements as a biomedical engineer. You can easily explain your journey and the roles and responsibilities you fulfilled in your occupation through these episodes and impress the assessment official. One thing that you must not here is that it is not the words that matter here but your hard work and participation in your job that can lead to approval of your report.

Things to include in Career Episodes for Biomedical Engineer ANZSCO Code 233913:

  • You can include any biomedical engineering project on which you have worked during college or university or in your job
  • You can specify if you were offered a significant position in your organization and all your roles and responsibilities as a biomedical engineer
  • You can discuss a biomedical engineering problem that you have solved in your career such as creating alternative equipment or enhancing the performance of a biomedical machinery

What is the Format of a Career Episode for Biomedical Engineer ANZSCO Code 233913?

Engineers Australia provides a standard format and structure for writing career episodes and the applicant must create the episodes accordingly to prevent their CDR from getting rejected. Many biomedical engineers have consulted our experts after their CDR was rejected by EA and one of the reasons for their CDR rejection was that their career episodes were not created properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the format of career episodes:

  • Career episodes are always written in narrative form like an essay. Many engineers create them in tabular form which is strictly not recommended by EA.
  • You must divide your career episode into different paragraphs and number the paragraphs. This helps read them as well as refer to them while creating the summary statement for your CDR.
  • Your career episodes can represent your achievements as a biomedical engineer in your academic and professional career both.
  • Each career episode must have four sub-sections namely the introduction, background information, engineering activity and summary. Each section has a different word limit associated with so you must write accordingly.
  • Each career episode can be 1000-2500 words long only. Hence, you must make sure that neither you choose a very short or very long episode to represent here.
  • The career episode should be backed up by evidence and some technical information. But, mostly it should highlight your role and performance.

Can you send me a Career Episode Sample for Biomedical Engineer Australia?

You can get 1005 genuine career episode report samples from us! If you will take a look at free samples of career episode reports present on the internet, they generally include the name of the project and some duties associated with it. However, this is not the correct format of a career episode. The samples that we have curated for biomedical engineers career episodes are developed based on approved CDR reports by Engineers Australia. They include all the four sections of the report along with some tips and example engineering activities that will help you in creating your career episode report.

What makes our career episode samples worth looking at is that they are created by experienced CDR writers. Our team has biomedical engineering CDR specialists who understand the assessment process of EA completely. They are in close keeping with all the fresh updates in the CDR writing process and can offer you genuine advice for career episode writing. You can connect with our experts at any time. We offer complete confidentiality and affordability.

Engineering Activities to include in Career Episode for Biomedical Engineers ANZSCO Code 233913

Let us have a look at some engineering activities for biomedical engineers that can be utilized in career episodes:

  • Designing and construction of surgical instruments with the help of computer software and mathematical models
  • Installing and testing the biomedical equipment
  • Training the healthcare staff on how to use the medical equipment and other machinery
  • Researching to solve medicine-related problems by conducting surveys, questionnaires, conferences and interviews
  • Preparing technical reports and publishing research papers related to biomedical research
  • Evaluating the safety of using a piece of medical equipment and testing its effectiveness

How to write a Career Episode Background Section for Biomedical Engineers?

Let us now see how to create the background information section of your career episode correctly and set the right intention for the engineering activity section. You must understand that this section is just like the staging area that sets the stage for your main project that you would talk about in detail in the engineering activity section. This section includes basic information about your projects such as the nature of the project, the scope of the project, the nature of work that you performed in the project and your main duties.

For more information about how to create each section of your career episode report, just connect with our native CDR experts. We are the number one place for getting help with career episodes and CDR writing.

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