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What is a Summary Statement?

The CDR report which needs to be submitted by an engineer looking for an engineering career in Australia consists of four segments. The summary statement is considered to be the most difficult and time-consuming segment. It plays as an important decisive key while the Engineers Australia assesses his CDR critically for the approval of his Skilled Migration for Australia.

The summary statement portrays the brief overview of all your engineering competencies mentioned in your career episodes. As a whole, it summarizes your whole engineering career creating the overall impression of your engineering skills, expertise, knowledge, and experience to your assessor. So if you are not so sure of your capability to write the summary statement properly stating all the facts precisely, you might consider a summary statement writing service to ace in your CDR writing.

Why is the CDR Summary Statement required?

The summary statement holds crucial information and acts as an essential piece of summarised documentation of your engineering proficiencies. According to some of our CDR writing experts, the EA assessors at the very beginning glance through your summary statement while examining your CDR. Therefore, the summary statement renders the first impression of your journey and experiences in the field of engineering to your CDR examiner and thereby holds the key to the approval of your Skilled Migration for Australia.

Basic Requirements of a Summary Statement Writing


  • It should be in the table format as published by the EA in its CDR guidelines. The summary statement of your chosen occupational category should be downloaded and completed correctly.
  • It should state the correct figures of the indicators, units, and element while drawing reference from your CEs.
  • It should mention the reference numbers i.e. referred paragraph numbers of your CEs so that your CDR examiner can effortlessly find out the relevant paragraph while assessing a particular unit or element instead of searching for it throughout your CDR report.
  • Its writing style should match The Australian English standards.
  • It should display your strengths in English fluency i.e., no spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors.
  • Its writing should be clear and simple-fashioned.
  • It should be in line with the Migration Skill Assessment booklet.
  • It should be written in the first person active voice.


  • It should not be plagiarized.
  • No false facts or details should be provided.
  • It should not be poorly written.
  • It should not lack the necessary details and information required by the EA.
  • It should not be written in any language other than English.

CDR Summary Statement Template

There are four occupational engineering categories mentioned by the EA – Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Manager. You can choose any one of them, best matching with your capabilities. The template of summary statement for each of these categories is different and is available in Section-C of the MSA booklet. You have to download the suitable summary statement of your nominated engineering category from the EA website and complete it.

Crucial Elements of the CDR Summary Statement Writing

The summary statement actually points out indicators, elements, and units of your engineering career required by the EA linking them to the suitable paragraphs in the CEs of your CDR. Your CDR Summary Statement should exhibit the result of analysis of your own engineering career. You have to refer all the indicators which you have stated in your CEs. Thereby, you must intend to include the following indicators in your Summary Statement:

  • What are the engineering knowledge and expertise you have acquired throughout your career?
  • How did you apply your engineering competencies to solve practical problems or to escalate the workflow?
  • What are the personal and professional characteristics you possess which make you stand out?

For example, there are three types of indicators in the Summary Statement for the Professional Engineers as discussed below:

Knowledge and Skill Base

You will have to articulately showcase your in-depth understanding and expertise of the fundamentals in your engineering field and your ability to apply them in any kind of related project. You will have to include your conceptual understanding of engineering mathematics, awareness of knowledge advancement, knowledge of factors to the context, understanding of scopes, principles and norms and limits of modern-day engineering processes in the mentioned branch.

Engineering Applicability Ability

This is the crucial part of the Summary Statement. In this core section, you have to exhibit your technical skills and capabilities in your engineering field. You should have a clear understanding of all the required indicators so that you can write them after properly differentiating them and linking them to the paragraphs of the CEs accordingly. This section clearly emphasizes to:

  • Your capability to apply fundamental engineering methods
  • Your application ability of systematic engineering complexities and design procedures
  • Your ability to conduct and manage projects in this engineering discipline applying a systematic approaches
  • Your ability to use engineering procedures, resources, and tools

Professional and Personal Attributes

This segment puts emphasis on your personality traits and professional ethics. You have to conduct ethically for Migration Skills and Assessment. This should show that you have impressive communication skills, excellent and efficient leadership skills, take initiatives and innovative measures in your workplace. This part should display that you have good ethical conduct. You can refer to ‘Engineers Australia Code of Ethics’ and mention the relevant instances in your CEs and SS.

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