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New Zealand is a beautiful country and one of the most favored destinations for people looking to relocate themselves. Relocating to New Zealand is a comparatively tough job as it requires a strong professional background in the areas of your expertise. Amid all the profession, a number of engineers applying for migration are very high. Engineers New Zealand (earlier known as Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand or IPENZ) is the non-profit body which is in charge of checking KA02 Knowledge Assessment. Sample KA02 report for Engineers New Zealand is also useful if you are looking to migrate to New Zealand.

Engineers New Zealand has several rules and guidelines regarding the writing of KA02 Report. Rules and Guidelines for Knowledge Assessment:

  • It must be well structured and in well written English.
  • There must not be any plagiarism.
  • There should not be any similarities between your application and any other application.
  • You will have to showcase your qualities in exact words; do not represent yourself in an ambiguous manner.
  • You have to submit KA02 report along with other necessary documents within given deadline.

What are KA02 Report types?

Knowledge assessment reports are of several types. Engineers New Zealand KA02 Report is the second type of Knowledge Assessment report. It is required to be submitted by engineering professionals who do not have degrees from accredited universities. Engineers who do not have degrees from a recognized university but have a good amount of experience of working, they can also apply using KA02 report. The definition of good experience is counted in two ways. Good experience is counted either in terms of time (number of years) or in terms of quality projects engineers have worked on. You need experts for the expression of good experience in your KA02 report. We have a team of experts who do this work for you.

ANZSCO Codes for KA02 Report

ANZSCO has assigned codes for every branch of engineering and respective KA02 report. You need to follow these codes otherwise your application gets rejected even before they read it. Following are the codes for some of the codes for major branches of engineering field. If you do not find your branch name or code in this list then do not worry. We have a list of all the branches with us which we will provide you at the time of KA02 report writing.

  • Electrical engineering (233311)
  • Mechanical engineering (233512)
  • Chemical engineering (233111)
  • Industrial engineering (233511)
  • Geotechnical engineering (233212)
  • Civil engineering (233212)
  • Materials Engineering (233112)
  • Biomedical Engineering (233913)
  • Environmental Engineering (233915)
  • Production Engineering (233513)
  • Telecommunication Engineering (263312)

How to use the KA02 Knowledge Assessment Sample?

You must find and refer to approved KA02 report samples. So, before using any samples which are claimed to be Engineers New Zealand approved, you must be sure that their claims are authentic.

Engineers New Zealand has a record of all the samples ever submitted to them by all the applicants till now. So even if someone copies content from a 30-year-old report, this organisation will catch that plagiarism. They are very strict in the assessment of KA02 reports as every year more and more qualified candidates are applying. It is really difficult to sort out best candidates based upon just education qualification and professional credentials. Hence, they keep an eye on the other aspects of the application as a way of representation, originality of the content, and usefulness of the candidate to the local community.

You must use them for reference purposes only. Any kind of copy-pasting will get you in trouble and will lead you to the cancellation of your report. You must refer the sample for the writing style and format of proper guidelines maintained report only. You must complete your report with original content and must highlight your own skills through your CV. Usually, high-quality KA02 report samples may cost very high. Therefore, you must be cautious about how you spend your funds on it. So you may go for the proper assistance that can help you get through this hassle-free.

Cdrreport.org offers KA02 writing, reviewing and editing services too. So, you can hire us for writing your report or you can also write your own report and hire us to review, edit and proofread it for you. Either way, we will provide you with such a report that will increase your chances of a successful assessment from Engineers New Zealand.

Features of our sample KA02 reports for Engineers New Zealand

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  • Plagiarism free reports without any grammar errors.
  • Domain-specific report samples.
  • All guidelines given by Engineers New Zealand are followed.
  • Zero failure rate and 100% successful application in the first attempt only.
  • We treat every client in a unique manner.

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