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A Knowledge Assessment (02) Report also known as KA02 is an official technical report required by Engineers New Zealand (earlier known as Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand or IPENZ). Engineers New Zealand is an authority responsible for approval of your migration application. ICT and Engineering professionals need to acquire New Zealand’s migration under the skilled category. KA02 report writing is a tough job and you can give it a shot by writing your own KA02 report instead of hiring KA02 report writing services for New Zealand. However, if you write it on your own then 95 times out of 100 your report gets rejected by them. If you are aiming for a submission of a successful application then you should hire professional services to do the job for you. This site gives you the complete information about why you should hire our KA02 writing services and advantages of our paid KA02 report writing services.

What is Engineers New Zealand & how does it works?

Engineers New Zealand is a non-profit professional body of engineers and people who have strong knowledge of engineering fields. It is also known for strong moral values and a set of ethical policies. All the members are bound by these moral policies and help others to develop their career. Engineers are required to apply officially with Engineers New Zealand KA02 in order to migrate to New Zealand. This organization examines your KA02 which demonstrates your professional qualities, work experience, and other abilities as an engineering or ICT professional. In other words, KA02 showcases your helpfulness to the community or society of New Zealand, if you are allowed to migrate to New Zealand.

Who needs KA02 report writing services?

  • If you are an engineer from developing or underdeveloped nation.
  • If your degree is not recognized by New Zealand authorities.
  • If your degree is not equivalent to the degree in New Zealand but your professional experience is recognizable.
  • If you are not sure about appreciation of your degree and professional experience in New Zealand.

What is KA02 report?

Knowledge Assessment report (KA) for New Zealand immigration is of two kinds viz. KA01 and KA02. KA01 report is produced by engineers who have got their degrees from universities and colleges which are accepted by Engineers New Zealand. Engineers who possess qualification degree from universities or colleges which are not endorsed by Washington Accord need to produce KA02 report. So, KA02 report is needed for immigrants from developing and underdeveloped countries, where the educational system is not considered to be very strong. Universities from these countries are not world famous and grades are not accepted without assessment reports. KA02 report takes account of your grades, level of the education and professional experience to determine your value and quality as the engineering professional.

Why is KA02 report writing important for New Zealand migration?

It is mentioned in many famous works of literature that writing reflects a writer’s personality. Writing reveals your true image and tells the reader who you really are? Hence, KA02 report is not just about your professional abilities but it is also about your accommodative evaluation as a human being. The governing organization evaluates your personality by assessing KA02 and decide if you are fit for immigration or not. In recent years, New Zealand has become the hottest migration hub for immigrants. There is a notable increase in the number of applicants each year; this has resulted in a strict evaluation and ruthless rejection of the applications. You make a single mistake in your report and you are rejected, Engineers New Zealand does not tolerate any kind of mistakes in the KA02 report.

KA02 report for New Zealand should be written carefully and impeccably. Your report may contain small mistakes like grammar error, unintentional plagiarism, technical-structural faults, and many other tiny mistakes which you do not realize until you get rejected. Professional service like us provides you with faultless writing services. We make sure that your application is best fit for KA02 assessment report and your report fulfills all the expectations required by Engineers New Zealand.

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