Should I hire agent to review my CDR?


A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), if approved by the Engineers Australia’s team of assessors, could be your passport to a fresh professional journey in Australia. It is a way to lay down your achievements and share enriching experiences that you have had until now. This is a very practical way to let EA understand your skills and capabilities in your engineering domain. The CDR invariably helps them see an alignment of what you bring to table with actual industry requirements in Australia. The report is divided into well thought after sections like the CPD (Continuing Professional Development), three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement that it does provide a clear picture to the assessors.

Now since the CDR holds so much relevance to your case of seeking a skilled migration visa to Australia, it is very important that you give it your best shot. However, being working professionals with so many responsibilities at the personal front as well, we understand the scenario. Moreover, the report is way beyond understanding the technicalities of your engineering domain. It requires a perfect balance of good language skills and report writing skills in addition to the technical prowess that you have.

Let’s begin by understanding the CDR better:

While working on your CPD, you need to outline the training and workshops you have attended to up skill yourself in your domain. While you can also elaborate on a seminar you have participated in or a white paper you researched and submitted. You can also share about an innovative project that provided you with the platform to showcase your domain understanding.

Through the three Career Episodes, you can elaborate on three important projects during your qualifying course or professional journey that helped you showcase the desired skills relevant to the occupational role that you are applying for. Each one of these three essays has to be written in an essay form, in 1000-2500 words. While you write the Career Episode ensure that you use an active voice and prescriptive dialect to create an impact on the assessor. For the same, you can begin your sentences like, “I performed”, “I calculated”, and “I tested”. You need to understand that the EA is keen to know more about your individual skills and not the team effort towards achieving a set project target. So you need to tell them the specific role that you played and how that helped you achieve the target.

The Summary Statement shows a quick linkage of the competency elements of the role you have applied for, with the concerned paragraph of your Career Episode, wherein you have already demonstrated the same in real life scenarios. Emphasising your applied engineering abilities.

Since the CDR isn’t just any report that one writes and has a set procedure and clear mandates on how to go about writing the same, it is expected of you to follow every instruction to the core. Moreover, once your CDR gets rejected for any small mistake, you lose out on a lot of time and effort that invested. This is in addition to a number of missed opportunities.

If you hire the services of a CDR writing agent to review your CDR, you can actually sail through the assessment very easily. Firstly, the agent brings a lot more experience in CDR writing, they have a professional team to work specifically on CDRs, and they understand EA requirements in a much better manner. The review agent will help assess the report for its language and structure, apart from checking the content validity. The reviewers might suggest a few/many changes basis their assessment of your report, which you could trust them to make on your behalf. For this reason, you must reach out to an agent which has established itself in the industry for long; has a team of experienced CDR writers and professional engineers; has received at least 99% positive assessments at the EA; has a quick response customer team; is open to multiple revisions; ensures a 100% plagiarism free report; offers these services at the most affordable prices, within established timelines.

So yes, you can, of course, use the services of an agent to help you with your CDR review, if the above-mentioned aspects are fulfilled by their team.

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