Is it OK to hire an agency to write my CDR for an Australian Visa?


Please do hire the expert services of a CDR writing agency, if and when you feel that it is not something that you can do full justice to. The CDR or Competency Demonstration Report isn’t just any report that can be run of the mill. It requires complete attention and alignment to all Engineers Australia guidelines, apart from being personalized. It is a representation of the developmental milestones you have achieved and the professional achievements through innovative projects that you have been a part of.

Expert CDR Writers work on thousands of such reports every year. They have the desired experience in this domain and a strong team to back them. CDR writing agencies empanel professional engineers from all engineering domains, apart from report writers, and language experts. Here the latter help in proofreading and editing the reports to make them grammatically correct. While engineers offer their expert inputs on the content strength in terms of choosing the best projects to be showcased or the competencies that need more focus. So, expert CDR writing agencies can offer much more than you have to offer to your own report.

Considering that you have a beginner’s level of understanding in CDR writing, you have a long way to go before you can achieve the required expertise. The report has a set structure and a specific writing style. Moreover, you cannot copy paste any information, for that will lead to a quick rejection and ban from re-application. Under this scenario, it’s always better to entrust established experts.

Here, it’s better to understand what the report entails:

  1. The first section of the report comprises a Continuing Professional Development (CPD), where you can share developmental interventions that you have been taking on a continuous basis to keep yourself abreast of the changes in your engineering domain. For instance, you can share the themes of journals that you subscribe to; speak briefly of a white paper that you worked on; any seminar that you convened or a workshop that you chose to be a part of. If there was an innovative project requiring you to showcase your design skills, you can mention that as well.
  2. In the second section of the report, you need to share three Career Episodes, each ranging 1000-2500 words. Each one of these episodes must elaborate on a specific incident during your professional life, where you displayed certain competencies and skills relevant to the occupational role that you are applying with the EA. These episodes need to be written in an active voice, with a special focus on your individual contribution in the team. You can share your job description and elaborate on the activities that you conducted to acquire the desired results.
  3. The third section called the Summary Statement essentially showcases the entire picture in brief. Specific competency elements that are desired for the role that you are applying for are defined here. You need to map them to the incidences where you successfully displayed the same while defining the Career Episodes. You can do that conveniently by using the units and indicators shared by EA. The section calls for attention to detail as a wrong reference might create a negative impact on your chances to succeed with EA assessment.

Experts are thorough with all these nuances of CDR writing. They also understand the implications of non-adherence to any of the requirements. Moreover, they are thorough with the structure and layout and conversant with the language and writing style. Once you share your professional background with the experts at the very beginning, they can easily draft a winning report for you within the defined timelines, at the most affordable prices.

February 27, 2019

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