Is it necessary for all three career episodes to be completely different in a CDR?


Yes it is very important for the episodes to be completely different since it determines the skill set that a person possesses. There are chances wherein an accessor may choose a candidate with different potential career episodes than a person with same career episodes. So, to be on the safer side, it is recommended that the three career episodes are different.

What is CDR

A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is an essential document of career history which is required to get a dream job in EA(Engineers Australia). Engineers who migrate to Australia to get a job entail all their skills, qualification and abilities in their CDR. They have to show three different projects as career episodes which definitely must be distinctly different from each other to showcase the skills one has. Thus this report covers in detail all the competency and skillsets that can add to the economy of the country.

How it works

Choosing similar career episodes or repetition of statements in the CDR reflects a very limited range of experience and qualification one has. That will show one does not possess enough skills that can any way contribute to the country’s economy. That can reduce your worth in adding to the economy of the country. If one does not possess enough experience to showcase the skills or unable to represent themselves properly then they may get rejected at this phase. Somehow if one does not have completely different work experience to list in the CDR, then the person has to convince that there is a similarity between two projects as it is obviously reasonable to expect similar incident occurring in a workplace. One can very well explain the problems he faced in the previous project and how he utilized the knowledge from the former project in the second one to avoid possible problems. Here one can show the growth between the two episodes. It is not only important to write the episodes but it is also very important to project what possible knowledge one had gained over the projects done.

There are several important factors in order to write a really impressive CDR.

  • Style of writing
  • Language
  • Good Vocabulary
  • Clear Presentation
  • References
  • Good summary
  • Perfect resume
  • Examples from the relevant area
  • Career episodes were written should be in active voice, never use passive voice.
  • Make sure the projects listed should have you in the lead role.
  • Reports should be plagiarism free at any cause
  • Exact word limit


A CDR is an opportunity to impress the EA assessors with one’s capabilities to convince them of the skills possessed by the person that reflects the right potential to add to the economy to the country. The report plays a vital role in acceptance in EA. The above points are to be followed to wire an impressive CDR. It is not important how big or small the project was, if it describes clearly the distinct engineering skills to show the competency level then they should be included. If the person is facing problems in making the report then it’s advised to take professional help.

March 26, 2019

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