How can I prepare my CDR?


Your CDR can open great avenues for you to self-design a promising career path in Australia. To be able to display your competencies and skills perfectly through this Competency Demonstration Report should be nothing but a well thought through strategic move. In simple words, it means that you must understand the essential requirements of CDR writing laid down by the assessing authority, EA (Engineers Australia) and work accordingly. They guide you with clear instructions through a Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet and you can refer the same thoroughly before you begin working on your report.

Although being an experienced engineer you have a good technical background, you must respect the fact that CDR writing requires great report writing skills, in addition to that. So you can either chose expert assistance to submit a flawless CDR to the EA. Or, understand the commandments released by various CDR experts on report writing and follow them to the tee.

  1. Firstly, identify the projects that you would want to highlight in the three Career Episodes that you need to write in your CDR. Career Episodes give the assessor an insight into three separate instances/events (through three Career Episodes) across different projects wherein you demonstrated the desired skill set. Each Career Episode could be 1000-2500 words; written in an active voice; using a prescriptive style of writing; marking every paragraph per the instructions shared in MSA.
  2. The Career Episodes must clearly outline the duties and responsibilities you adopted in that role. You can share an organogram to help the assessor understand the same in a better manner. The actions that you share must be reflective of your role and not highlight ‘team role’ or ‘team achievements’. The EA does not want unrequired details on organizational history and background.
  3. As you elaborate on the competency elements and skills that you bring along, align them perfectly to the ANZSCO code that you have chosen to apply for. This will help you map the concerned paragraphs from the Career Episodes with relevant competency indicators that align to that very ANZSCO code, in the Summary Statement. When the mapping is right, the assessor is able to quickly validate your actions.
  4. While putting together the CDR, keep in mind that the assessors are not keen to look at complicated technical representations in the form of figures, graphs or numerals. What you write must represent your journey and your ability to apply the knowledge and skills that you hold in your engineering domain. So make it realistic by choosing the content wisely.
  5. Showcase your technical prowess by depicting the methodology adopted to achieve the desired results. Begin sentences with “I conducted tests”, ‘I calculated”, “I managed”, to enable them to understand your specific contributions.
  6. Along with technical skills focus on design experiences that you have had. Elaborate on them. The EA takes a keen interest in analysis and design experiences.
  7. Let the EA know of your ability to manage and lead a team through the interpersonal relations that you maintained with your teams
  8. Choose the Career Episodes to detail out the software you used, the network topologies, or mention the seminars or workshops you have attended in your domain through the CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Through the CPD, you can further elaborate on your developmental journey in your domain. Share details on any journals you have subscribed to or any white papers you might have submitted.
  9. Use the CDR to highlight any professional milestones any achievements. These aspects distinguish you from other applicants and bring that desired uniqueness to you.
  10. Ensure that your report is 100% unique and run it through multiple plagiarism checking tools to ensure that. You can end up being rejected and banned to allow for the next 12 months if your report is found to contain plagiarised content.

If you keep the above points in mind, you can certainly end up with a thorough and comprehensive CDR. You can choose expert help with CDR writing if you want to submit the best at the very first attempt.

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