For immigration to Australia is it mandatory for engineers to write CDR?


The answer to this question is ‘Yes’, its mandatory that engineers wishing to seek an Australian migration visa, submit their CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). The CDR helps the assessing authority, Engineers Australia (EA), gauge the competencies and skills that the applicant has acquired in his domain and can demonstrate in applied engineering scenarios.

CDR being a significant document that requires extreme professionalism in its attempt, one must ensure that every claim is well supported with evidence. Moreover, the EA expects every CDR to abide by a set of guidelines to ensure the format and writing style remains the same for everyone. In this context, one can refer to the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet before beginning work on the CDR.

Through your CDR, the EA will analyse how well you fare in comparison to their ‘must haves’ or ‘good to have’. Essentially they would want to understand the benefits of offering you a migration visa to their country. It is the technical skills relevant to your domain and competencies that you bring to the table, which would help them assess the things clearly. They will also be able to see an alignment between your capabilities and identify the best fit from the Australian perspective.

As you apply for an Australian skilled migration visa, you will have to submit a CV along with the CDR application form. These would be accompanied by a self-attested copy of the CDR, your TOEFL score certificates and academic documents desired by the EA.

The CDR that you need to submit comprises of three sections by way of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement. All these sections help showcase the true professional that you are by elaborating on your developmental initiatives and applied engineering skills through strategic projects that you have undertaken.

You can take expert assistance for writing your CDR or seek an expert review of the draft that you have worked upon yourself, before submitting the same to EA. Master CDR Experts have professional teams of experts comprising engineers from different domains, CDR writers, proofreaders and editors. All of them come together to draft impeccable CDRs that receive quick approvals from EA. An added advantage of going to the experts for your CDR is that they are conversant with all EA guidelines and understand the basic requirements, to the core. They have immense experience in the same task and are well aware of the writing styles, the structure of the report as desired, projects that catch the eye, and more. Amongst other benefits like:

  1. Experts always turn ‘unique reports’ having 0% plagiarism
  2. Professionally written reports are far better than your best-attempted ones. You might be a great engineer with immense experience, but CDR writing requires a plethora of other skills as well. Understanding of Australian English, understanding of the report structure, a precise idea of the units and indicators to be used in the Summary Statement, ability to pick and choose the best developmental initiatives, identifying most strategic projects, ability to use different plagiarism checking tools, to name a few.
  3. Through the immense information that you share, professionals turn around a precise and concise CDR, which is to the point and impactful
  4. They depict your developmental journey in a better manner
  5. They choose the best projects to display your applied engineering skills
  6. Professionals have all MSA guidelines on their fingertips
  7. They elaborate on the precise competency elements, on the basis of the occupational that you have applied for

Last but not least, these CDR writing professionals have a history of doing this task fantastically well with the required expertise, which you might just fall short of.  So, seek help when it will matter the most!

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