Can anyone help me in writing CDR for Engineers Australia?


Yes, there are expert CDR writers and engineering professionals who can help you with your CDR. From writing, reviewing, proofreading, editing, to removing plagiarism from your self-drafted CDR report, they offer a bucket full of all related services.

What you need to really understand here is the fact that your CDR once approved by the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors, can get the migration visa process successfully rolling further.

EA issues regular updates to the guidelines for writing your CDR. This could be checked from the updated Migration Skills Assessment booklet before you begin working on your report. Since all of you are working professionals, successfully maintaining a work-life balance is a task in itself. Additionally, if you begin to stretch yourself, working on such a significant document that involves your future dreams, it might just begin to take a toll on you. This is where you can actually seek expert assistance on writing this report for you.

A CDR reflects your professional journey and your achievements during the same. It elaborates on the competencies and skills that you have and the way you successfully apply them in real life scenarios. The report has different sections where you need to share about your developmental journey and how you manage to stay abreast with constant changes in the industry (through the CPD). You also get the opportunity to share about three strategic projects that gave you the scope to demonstrate the skills and competencies that you have (through the three Career Episodes), while the Summary Statement allows for a perfect mapping of the competency elements with clear instances from the Career Episodes.

When an EA assessor goes through your CDR, he will attain a crisp idea of what you are and what you bring to the table. He will gauge your spirit to constantly develop yourself in your domain, assess what you have achieved until now, and your ability to deal with realistic scenarios in your working domain.

Moreover, while working on the CDR you need to be cognizant of all EA guidelines and display perfect writing skills

  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and structural mistakes; let the content flow naturally
  • Use simple to understand language by avoiding technical jargons, numerals, or graphical representations
  • Write the Career Episodes in a first-person account: “I calculated”, “I tested”…etc. The assessors are keen to know your personal contributions to the project and not the team achievement
  • Mark every paragraph of the Episodes with units and indicators desired by the EA
  • Describe your job role in detail through an organogram
  • Do not copy paste content from anywhere. Make it your personalized report. Plagiarism can lead to a 12-month ban.
  • Make timely submissions

While the above mentioned are just some of the tips to write a successful CDR, it’s imperative that you follow all the pointers to the core. EA can ask for re-submission or simply reject your report if you fail to abide by these. Thereby, it’s always best to make use of expert CDR writing services.

  • These experts understand all the guidelines laid down by EA to the core and work on thousands of reports every year, with over 99% efficiency rate
  • The team of experts working on your CDR comprises CDR writers, language experts, editors, proof-readers, and domain engineers (from all engineering branches)
  • They run every report through multiple quality checks until they get everything 100% right
  • Each report is also run through many plagiarism checking tools to ensure it is 100% unique before you submit it to the EA for assessment
  • Experts have a clear idea on the structure and choose relevant data while leaving out irrelevant details. This makes the report looks more professional.
  • The engineers on the team understand your professional journey better and identify perfect projects to showcase through the Career Episodes
  • The team works 24*7 to meet all deadlines
  • Experts offer their services at the most pocket-friendly charges

So, if you really need to fulfil your Australian dreams, connect with expert CDR writers to write your report for you.

February 27, 2019

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