Who can provide a good quality CDR report for a Biomedical Engineer?


The branch of engineering where engineering principles and fundamentals are applied on biology concepts, medicines and healthcare avenues is known as Biomedical Engineering. Robotic surgeries, robotic prosthetics, and Bionic Contact lenses are some of the marvellous gifts by biomedical engineers. It is a booming profession with jobs presents worldwide. Australia, the dream workplace of engineers, accepts biomedical engineers from around the globe. A CDR report is submitted to the Engineers Australia Assessment Cell by aspiring engineers. Engineers Australia judges these applicants based mainly on their CDR report. So, making an effective CDR is very important to achieve your dream workplace.

What is a good quality CDR?

CDR, which stands for Competency Demonstration Report, is a detailed report about your career path up to this point of life and your future prospects and plans. A good CDR is the one made according to Engineer Assessment guidelines. The CDR format remains the same for all engineering branches. It’s only the content that changes as per your career points. It should have an attached CV and 3 detailed sections, namely –

  • CPD – Continuing Professional Development which contains information about training programs, courses completed during your career.
  • 3 Career Episodes – Career episodes contain details about your 3 main projects – the challenges that you faced, what you achieved in the projects, your role during the project and other information.
  • Summary Statement – A complete summary of your career episodes, CPD, what you have learnt and what your expertize is.

Keep in mind you will need to give proofs about your claims, so never lie in your CDR.

Who can provide you with a CDR?

  • Making a CDR by yourself: One option is to provide yourself with a CDR. You can make a CDR report on your own after doing sufficient research on idle CDRs. As the first step, you can head over to Engineers Australia’s website and refer the guidelines laid down by them for making a CDR. Read the guidelines thoroughly and understand the format. Then research online about some samples of biomedical engineering CDR. They are easily available and you can learn a lot from samples before starting the preparation of your own CDR. Once you have done proper research, start making a CDR and you can take the help of anyone familiar with CDR writing around you.
  • Hiring Professionals: A quick search about CDR writing will land you with many CDR writing services online. These services have very experienced experts who prepare your CDR with you providing guidelines and details. They keep the format as per the EA requirements and adopt a writing style best suited for these reports. Choose the right CDR writing agency for you and avail the benefits of their experience.


You can make your CDR or get it prepared by professionals, but the presence of impressive career achievements will help you the most. This remains the same across all engineering branches. Make your CDR impressive and as per the regulations, and you can enjoy a bright career in Australia.

April 22, 2019

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