Who Can Help Me in Reviewing My Supply Chain and Distribution Manager CDR Report?


The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is your gate pass to receiving a visa towards skilled migration to Australia. While thousands of applicants vie for the visa, assessors at Engineers Australia (EA) use the CDR to review the competencies and skills that every one of them brings to the table. This helps assess them approve or disapprove of the application basis the alignment of the skillset and requirements in Australia.

Invalidation to the requirement, CDR is essential for those engineering applicants looking for an Australian migration visa. Those who do not have the qualifying degrees from Australia, or degrees not supported/validated by the Washington Accord.

Now, considering that you want to get your CDR for a Supply Chain and Distribution Manager profile reviewed, it is evident that you have a draft at hand. I am sure you adhered to the EA instructions on CDR writing while preparing the same. You may still refer to the Migration Skills Assessment booklet to go through the guidelines in detail and make changes at your level before sending it for further review. Once you have put in your 100%, get the same reviewed by CDR writing professionals who are experts at this task and have years of practical experience at their hand.


A simple error in presentation, structure, or content validity, can lead to rejection. But, experts can save you all the trouble. CDR experts come from different engineering domains and do complete justice to writing or reviewing your report. So, it doesn’t matter which engineering background you come from or what occupational role you are looking at, the most appropriate expert gets allocated to your task.

How do Experts Help Review the Report?

  1. Since they are well-versed with EA guidelines on CDR writing, they are able to identify and remove any and all kinds of errors: language, grammar, structure, project validity, plagiarism, any
  2. Engineers Australia shares elaborate details on every section of the report and expects that the content flows in an organic manner. So the expert will review the report for its format and gauge any gaps or alignment issues (pertaining the role that you are applying for).
  3. There is a certain style of writing that makes your CDR seem your own. Choice of words and the impact that they create couldn’t be sidelined. Experts understand what needs to go in there and ‘how’.
  4. CDR experts review every report for errors in language, depiction, alignment, and uniqueness. So every report goes through proofreading and editing, which is then followed by plagiarism checks to make the report 100% unique.

So it’s really imperative that you get your report reviewed by a CDR expert before making the submission to Engineers Australia. You may have had a successful professional run in your domain, but it’s required that you let CDR experts conduct due diligence for the CDR that you bring to them. It’s all worth the effort and the result that you are aiming for!


What is CDR?

Ans-  Engineers who want to migrate to Australia have to go through Engineers Australia (EA) (the designated assessing authority for engineering occupations) first. The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) accredits qualifications either from Australia or from countries who are full signatory to the Sydney Accord, Dublin Accord, or Washington Accord.  Read More

Why is CDR Required?

Ans-  The CDR for Australia gives you an opportunity to show that your engineering knowledge and competencies match the Australian standards. CDRReport experts include Professional Engineers who have been assessed positively by Engineers Australia. Read More

Why was my CDR Rejected?

Ans-  This is how many of our clients write to us when their CDR gets rejected by Engineers Australia (EA). Broken phrases and the haphazard use of exclamation marks show how agitated they get when they do not receive a CDR outcome they had been expecting for. Read More

What is KA02 Report for New Zealand Immigration?

Ans- Knowledge Assessment (KA02) is a technical report for assessment of the candidates who want to migrate to New Zealand. The applicants should have the required skills and knowledge in ICT before they can be eligible to migrate to New Zealand. Read More…


April 22, 2019

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