Who can help me in proofreading my already prepared CDR report?


CDR, as you may already know, is the most important set of documents for a successful migration to Australia as an engineer. Australia is a dream workplace for engineers right now. With tons of opportunities in the engineering sector, there is a strong demand for new engineers. You need to submit an impressive CDR report as the first step towards getting an Australian skilled migration visa. You can get this CDR report prepared by experts or prepare it yourself. But in both cases, you will want to make sure that it is up to the Engineers Australia standard and there are no errors in it. This step of cross-checking everything present in a report is called Proofreading.

Understand Proofreading

Proofreading is done for any written document to ensure that it does not have errors. Proofreading is focused invigilation of a document and running fact checks on it to detect any grammatical, spelling, or factual error in the document. Proofreading needs varying expertise based on the type of document. Proofreading of a certain document is best done by someone who is familiar with the document type. A keen eye for details, proficiency in the language, strong knowledge, and research abilities are required to be a skilled proof-reader. Proofreading acts like a much needed finishing touch to an article, report, or any other document and makes the writer look more professional.

Proofreading your CDR

CDR is such an important report for your career path that proofreading it with perfection becomes an essential step. You can proofread your CDR yourself but keep in mind these tips:

  • Do not start proofreading right after you finish preparing the CDR. Give your brain a rest and start proofreading work the next day for unbiased and rational results.
  • Refer to Engineers Australia’s guidelines once more. Read it thoroughly before starting proofreading. It reminds you of all the requirements and helps you in assessing the report better.
  • CDR should preferably be in Australian English to impress the panel of judges, so keep that aspect in your proofreading work.
  • Along with spellings and grammar, check if your CDR is in the correct format and contains all the elements stated in Engineer Australia guidelines.
  • Make sure that all your career claims in your CV and CDR can be backed-up with appropriate proofs and references.

Taking professional help in proofreading

You can always take help of a professional Proofreader in such tasks. There are expert editors and proofreaders for CDR reports online and offline. A quick web search reveals a lot of such professionals. Choose a Proofreader wisely based on their experience, claims, and other observations. Hiring a professional ensures better results because of their expertise and experience. They may also provide you with tips to make your CDR content better.


Proofreading your CDR is a crucial task in perfecting your application. You can do proofreading yourself but be careful and take tips from people around you. Or you can hire professionals and relax a bit.

April 22, 2019

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