Who can assist me in doing my electrical engineering CDR for Engineers Australia assessment?


With increasing opportunities and great pay structures, Australia is becoming one of the favourites of Engineers all over the world. Be it Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, electrical or electronics engineer, there is sufficient demand for every one of them in Australia and the Engineer market. These benefits make Australia a dream place for engineers, and also equally hard to immigrate as an engineer. Engineers Australia (EA) invites applications only after a thorough individual analysis of each and decides whether to approve the migration or reject it.

What is CDR?

Engineers Australia conducts a Migration Skill Assessment Test which has to be passed to enter Australia under a skilled migration visa. CDR is a document through which engineers get an opportunity to show that they are qualified enough to work in Australia. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a mandatory assessment pathway for those engineers whose qualification is from a non-accord country or from unaccredited institutes. Other applicants can also choose this path, as it is considered to be an easier and faster way to enter Australia. A poorly written CDR can reduce your chances of working in Australia considerably.

Resources you can refer to prepare a successful CDR

You should start preparing a CDR by being familiar with its format. There are so many resources available over the Internet for just anything that comes to mind. A quick search over any search engine will show you many EA approved sample CDRs which will clear most of your confusion about how to start writing the report. This format remains the same for any type of engineer. A CDR mainly shows the highlights of your career as an engineer up to this point. You can also refer the Sample CDRs for observing further details about what Career Episodes to include, how to write the CPD section etc. After learning from the samples, you can start writing your personalised CDR. Remember to be truthful about everything you write.

Professional help

If you are not sure about writing it yourself, you can get the help of some professionals in writing your CDR. There are many Online CDR writers doing the job at a reasonable cost. As a rule of thumb, choose professionals whose CDR samples match with the EA approved samples.These professionals know the tricks to make a CDR more appealing which form the base of their business. You can surely take benefits of their expertise to secure a bright career.

CDR is a fairly easy way to pass the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment Test if your career up to now involves impressive milestones and achievements.Since CDR is a chance to show your qualifications to EA and to prove that you are better than the other applicants, writing a CDR becomes a crucial task and needs to be done very skilfully. But also, whether you write it yourself or get it done by a professional, ensure that the contents of your CDR make the judges admire you.

April 22, 2019

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