Who can assist me in doing my competency demonstration report for electronics engineer migrating to Australia?


As you plan to migrate to Australia and settle in the beautiful country, you have to think through your future career plans. Being an engineer in your own country cannot guarantee a job in Australia, or help in your visa process. However, getting your Competency Demonstration Report approved by Engineers Australia can certainly do all of that. So consider it as a gate pass to the entire process.

Engineers Australia is a non-profit organization working for the development of engineers in the country. It is also the assessing authority of your CDR, during the visa migration application process. The authority aims to assess your skills and competencies in the field of engineering that you come from. It also wants to see a progressive career graph and understand the developmental milestones, your professional achievements until now, and it aims to do that through this report. You will have to submit the CDR basis the ANZSCO code that you are applying for, your CV, TOEFL scores, and the application form.

A Competency Demonstration Report comprises a CPD (Continuing Professional Development), three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement.

Through the CPD, you can represent the developmental initiatives that you have been taking to keep abreast of continuous changes in your engineering field. So, you can share briefly about the workshops you have attended or conducted, seminars you participated in, any courses and certifications that you completed, innovative projects that you have been a part of or any journals you regularly write for or subscribe to.

Through the Career Episodes, you can share three exclusive projects which required you to play an integral part of the team. In all of these three projects you need to focus on the role that you played; talk of the targets and how you managed to achieve them; the competencies you depicted during the process; how you led the team or established interpersonal relations; speak of any initiate you took to care for the environment or the workers. Remember that Career episodes must reflect your personal standing and not elaborate on the organizational roles or team goals. You might want to explain your job description by sharing an organogram. All these episodes must be written in an active voice to highlight your role. Moreover, keep the language professional and follow the word count and structure as guided by the EA. Mark all paragraphs of the Career episodes with the units and indicators as required by EA.

In the last section of the report called the Summary Statement, you will be picking the precise paragraph from the Career episodes and mapping them with the competency element that you demonstrated through the same. This helps the assessors establish the link quickly, instead of going through the 1000-2500 worded episodes again and again.

Since every component of the CDR is equally significant and has a special purpose to it, it is advisable to follow all instructions given in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet (MSA). As an electronics engineer who holds years of experience in the industry, you already have a stronghold in your domain. However, CDR writing is also a skilled task.

Expert CDR Writers who work on these reports day in and day out understand EA expectations much better than you. The experts analyse your projects and advise you towards using the most relevant ones in your Career episodes. Moreover, they have entire teams of subject experts, engineers, researchers, editors, and proof-readers to assist them in this task. They also validate each report as 100% unique and plagiarism free by passing them through the most sophisticated plagiarism checking tools.

So go in for expert assistance to complete your Competency Demonstration Report perfectly. Make a full proof submission to ensure success with the assessment.

March 26, 2019

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