What is the best way to prepare a CDR Report for a mechanical engineer wishing to apply for PR in Australia?


Making a CDR submission with Engineers Australia is an important step forward towards the visa approval process. For the mechanical engineers or engineers from any other domain, who are seeking a PR in Australia?

Why the CDR Matters?

Once you decide to shift base to Australia and pursue a career in the field of engineering, Engineers Australia will assess you for the competencies that you have in the domain. This helps them see an alignment of what you bring and what they require, from an Australian perspective. EA is a non-profit organization, working comprehensively towards the development of engineers in Australia. It acts as the assessment authority for your report to see through the enriching professional experiences that you share through the same. And, that is what gives them a fair idea about where you stand as a true professional. The report also highlights your language and writing skills apart from the professional exposure that you share.

It is imperative that the CDR you write is in complete alignment to the occupational role you would be applying for and mentions the precise ANZSCO code. A misaligned report can lead the assessors to ask for a re-submission or consideration of your application for a different role altogether (than what you had expected).

Expert Assistance for CDR

While there are many applicants who decide to work on the CDR themselves, it is the newness of the task that inhibits the best performance. This comes from the fact that a CDR isn’t just another run of the mill report. It needs to adhere to stringent guidelines shared by Engineers Australia, while successfully showcasing your abilities as a professional mechanical engineer.

The different sections of the CDR, namely CPD (Continuing Professional Development), three Career episodes, and the Summary Statement, have an established pattern. The CPD highlights the developmental initiatives like the seminars, workshops, or training you attended in topics related to your engineering field; projects that were innovative in the truest sense or highlighted your design skills; journals that you write for or subscribe to…etc.

Through the three Career Episodes, you need to share the three most significant projects you have undertaken. Projects that allowed you the perfect exposure and helped you achieve milestones. You have the scope to elaborate on your role and share description of the targets you set out to achieve. The episodes provide a detailed preview of the skills you display and the knowledge that you have attained through different experiences.

These episodes need to be written in 1000-2500 words each, in perfect Australian English; leaving no scope for any grammatical or structural discrepancies. Presenting the episodes from a first-person account also gives weight to the details and helps the assessor consider it as your personal journey.

By way of the Summary Statement, you can take the assessor precisely to the paragraph wherein you displayed a specific competency. This section requires a skilled mapping between the defined competency element and the exact paragraph of your career episode, through the units and indicators defined by the EA.

The best way to begin your CDR writing is by going through the Migration Skills Assessment booklet at the onset. The booklet has all details regarding the report and defines every EA mandate in the context of writing the report. It details out the requirements from different sectional and shows the way to achieve that.

Secondly, you should also go through a CDR sample that will practically define how to go about writing your report. Expert CDR writing services offer you approved samples which are already existing in the EA database but can be referred to get an idea. Remember that these samples shouldn’t be used for copy paste to any extent, as that will lead you to a report rejection by the EA.

Thirdly, you may want to use professional expertise for writing your report. These CDR writing experts do this job professionally and in the best possible manner. They have a complete understanding of the language, writing style, EA guidelines, and most importantly have SMEs to work on your reports. So once you request a report to be written they will rope in the best domain engineers, SMEs, researchers, editors, and proof-readers to do that task for you. The expert will also stay connected with you to keep you abreast of the process and resolve any doubts. Expert assistance not only saves time but takes you closer to the visa approval manifolds.

March 26, 2019

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