What is RPL report and why it is required for Australian immigration?


RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning is essentially a means to assess the ICT skills of an individual who does not bring along required ICT or even tertiary ICT qualifications. This is where the assessing authority Australian Computer Society (ACS) tries to assess the applications basis the work experience that such non-ICT candidates bring. Such candidates can consider the RPL as a savior and use the process to elaborate on the practical understanding of the domain, through the enriching work that they have been doing in related jobs. It helps the ACS consider their candidature for ICT roles (even without a required degree or some un-related work).

This acquired understanding of ICT makes these candidates in control of the practical application of bookish knowledge. They can explain their skillset by means of two project reports that the ACS asks them to submit. That could be done by elaborating on the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section in the RPL form. This form has been specifically designed by the ACS for candidates whose qualifications do not match up to the ICT degrees/diplomas awarded in Australian universities, but who have a rich professional ICT experience.

Candidates who wish to apply through the process can take help from expert RPL writers and consultants to work on their form. These experts have years of experience working on these reports and are the best at this task. Not only do they understand the ACS requirements completely, but they also have expertise in ICT and other engineering domains (to help engineers coming from different subject areas).

Some details on the RPL categories:

  1. In the first category, all those candidates who have the relevant degree, but not enough relevant ICT content to showcase in the report form. These candidates must fulfill a six-year ICT relevant role in a professional organization and the field of employment must also abide by the nominated discipline’s ANZSCO code.
  2. In the second category, those candidates can apply who do not have even tertiary ICT qualifications to back their application. Such candidates need to show an extra two years’ work experience, taking it to a total of eight years’ work experience. And, these extra two years of employment may not be relevant to the concerned ANZSCO code.
April 22, 2019

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