What is KA02?


It will be correct to define Knowledge Assessment (KA02) as a technical report that needs to be submitted by the candidates willing to migrate to New Zealand. The applications under this process are assessed by the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand. Candidates are assessed on the skill set basis the qualifying degrees and work experience in the ICT domain. Here it is important to note that the assessors are all engineering experts or experts related to the domain, with years of relevant experience. And, they assess the candidates who are either non-ICT or bring insufficient ICT experience.

These non-ICT or tertiary ICT candidates can apply for ICT related profiles through the KA02 report. The report essentially provides the opportunity to strategically elaborate on the work experience, bringing them at par with any ICT candidate. It also works for those candidates who come from the ICT background, but their qualifying degrees were not validated or supported by the universities of New Zealand. Thereby, by submitting a KA02 report, they level the playing field.

You may seek expert assistance for writing your KA02. Professional KA02 writers understand the IPENZ expectations perfectly and align the report accordingly. Since they are subject experts, researchers, and professional report writers, they understand how to strategize the content by way of highlighting chosen projects from your vast experience. They are also masters of the language and are adept at presentation. You may begin by seeking a few KA02 samples to understand the report and the effort that goes behind, in a better manner. These samples are IPENZ approved reports which exist in their database.

Types of IPENZ KA02 Reports

Applicants can submit their migration visa application with a Knowledge Assessment report of any one of the following types:

  1. They can submit a KA01 report if the qualifying degree is from a university/college, which is accredited to the Washington Accord or the university/college follows the guidelines shared by New Zealand University
  2. They can submit a KA02 Report if the qualifying degree is not from a university/college affiliated to the Washington Accord, or any New Zealand University.
April 22, 2019

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