What can I do to prepare a Competency Demonstration Report for Civil engineers migrating to Australia?


Your CDR report towards a migration visa approval is an important piece of document that can make all the difference. Once it gets approved by Engineers Australia, you have the migration process rolling for you smoothly.

Ever wondered why does the report hold so much significance?

The CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a reflection of the competencies and skills you bring forth in your engineering field. In this case, Civil Engineering. Since you are a working professional having a lot of experience in your domain, you can use the CDR to elaborate on some of the most strategic projects you have been a part of. Let the assessors know about the innovative ideas you adopted, or the competencies you demonstrated to take the project to completion.

Through the report you also get the opportunity to represent how you keep yourself abreast of the continuous changes in your domain. Here, you can share details on the developmental initiatives or the training programs you attend to continuously up skill yourself.

Engineers Australia, the CDR assessing authority has the job to assess your skills and capabilities in the engineering domain that you come from. They work towards the development of all engineering professionals in Australia and would like to identify what you bring to their country. This is where your CDR will help you showcase your uniqueness as a professional engineer in the given domain. Your applied engineering skills will also become obvious for the assessor to see through the project experiences that you share.

How to Write the Perfect CDR?

Begin by identifying the correct ANZSCO Code and the occupational category that you want to apply for. What goes into the CDR and the structure of it all is dependent on the same.

  1. Once that is sorted, you may begin by reading through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet. The MSA will elaborate on the different sections of the report; the kind of language that you should use; structure to be followed, etc.
  2. Identify the three most important projects from your professional journey that explicitly brought out skills and competencies pertinent to your domain. Elaborate these through the three Career Episodes. Write the episodes in an active voice to stress on the fact that it’s your unique story and to create an impact on the assessor. Mark all paragraphs of the Career Episodes with the units and indicators desired by the EA.
  3. Share your developmental journey through the Continuous Professional Development
  4. Briefly take the assessor through your professional journey via the Summary Statement. Every competency element that you would like to elaborate here, must be precisely linked to the specific paragraph of the Career Episodes.
  5. The CDR must be absolutely unique and plagiarism free

Since CDR writing works on an established premise and follows instructions given by EA, it’s better to begin after going through few approved samples. You can connect with the best CDR writing experts to get a hand on these samples. The experts will also take you through the elaborate CDR writing process they follow to share winning reports with you. The teams comprise engineering professionals from different domains, CDR writers, researchers, proof-readers, and editors. They understand the CDR writing instructions as shared by the EA and are experts at the language as well.

So you may want to take expert assistance for writing your CDR or run your CDR through their editors, before making your submission with the EA.

March 26, 2019

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