What are the basic documents that are necessary for CDR?


Getting a CDR approved at the first go is a very positive step in the path to seek a skilled migration visa to Australia. Although not a rocket science, you can still categorise it as an extremely skilled task. CDR writing doesn’t come naturally to the applicants, in spite of the rich professional experience in the engineering domain. And, you may question why is that so?

The answer to this query is fairly simple. CDR writing is as skilled task as working on that machine design of yours, which is something you may be an expert of. Similarly there are CDR writing professionals who are experts in writing, reviewing, editing, and proofreading this important document on your behalf. They bring years of professional experience in this task, apart from the rich academic or professional background that they have. What sets them apart is years’ of experience working on EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines, for your CDR.

These experts share a list of supporting documents that go along with your CDR for EA submission. These are:

  1. Passport size photographs
  2. Self-attested scans of your educational degrees
  3. IELTS score sheet (transcript)
  4. Original self-attested scans of your joining letters for all the organizations that you have worked with
  5. Original self-attested scans of your Identification Documents like Passport
  6. Original self-attested scans of any confirmation, promotion, or experience letters from your supervisor/manager in these organizations
  7. Self-attested scans of salary slips/bank statements/tax return to validate your salary claims

It is understandable that EA will only be able to take into consideration that period of your work experience, which is well supported with evidence. Thereby, you must ensure that you attach and submit all the valid evidence to enhance your scope of getting through the assessment, without any hiccups. The years that you miss because of missing or irrelevant evidence might take you a step back, which you wouldn’t want!

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, the CDR that you submit must be complete in all respects. You may refer the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet to understand the specific requirements pertaining to the CDR. Meanwhile, we can share some insights into the three sections:

  1. Continuing Professional Development: This is the first section of the CDR that is represented in a tabular manner and encompasses very brief details about the initiatives that you have taken/continue to take to keep yourself abreast of the developments in your engineering domain. For instance, you can talk of any training that you attended, journals that you subscribe to, white papers that you have written, submitted or published, etc. All of this will help the CDR assessor understand your ability to continuously grow and develop in your engineering domain.
  2. Three Career Episodes: Through the three Career Episodes, you would want to elaborate on the three important projects that you were a part of. Choose different projects for these three episodes to demonstrate the wide horizon of your experiences. Through the episodes try and share details on your job roles in all these projects and how that helped you display most of the competencies expected out of you. Remember to adopt the most professional way to write these episodes, in an active voice, using perfect Australian English. Every episode must range between 1000-2500 words.
  3. The Summary Statement: As you write a Career Episode, mark every paragraph of the same using units and indicators prescribed by EA. This will help you map the specific paragraph that displays a specific competency element easily in your Summary Statement. So that when the assessor reads through the summary statement, he/she can see the perfect connect between the competency you claimed to have displayed and the evidence from the career episode.

As you understand, a CDR comes along with specific requirements in terms of language and content, it is important that you adopt a well-informed take on it. Should you feel a need to take professional assistance for this, do not hesitate. It could be the best decision that you have ever taken. And, the results will be as expected, with an approved CDR in your hands.

March 26, 2019

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