My previously submitted CDR was rejected, who can help me in writing a new CDR according to Engineers Australia guidelines?


Competency Demonstration Report assesses your skills of technical knowledge, whether you can apply that knowledge in real life problems and your capabilities in the occupation you opted for.

There are professional services available online that you can hire whether it is about writing or reviewing your application. They take care of all the steps that you need to follow and that are ultimately going to mark your migration status positive or negative for competency demonstration report (CDR), recognition of prior learning (RPL) and knowledge assessment 02 (KA02).

Various online services provide you with professional writers who have a keen technical knowledge and know the kind of answers that the person looking at your application will find appealing.

Although a few things that you can keep in mind while filling out a CDR is that you need to be accurate with the data you are providing, failing to do so will only result in an even lesser chance of getting a skilled migration Visa. Also, you need to follow the EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines mentioned in its latest migration assessment guidelines booklet. For instance, things like writing the CEs (Career Episodes) in the first person can affect the result of your assessment to a noticeable extent.

Apart from this, when you hire a professional they offer you a range of services. Some of them being as follows:

They provide you with writers who are engineers, for your CDR report, who is going to help you out if your application gets rejected; in writing more than one Career Episodes and for summarizing it; and that too with or without a project.

They provide you with reviewing services if you are done writing your CDR. They make sure that the application you filled out is impeccable grammatically as well as professionally. Under this, they proofread and edit your application along with eliminating any kind of plagiarism, which is one of the major issues in CDR nowadays.

The professionals that you go for maybe active in a different time zone, but then they provide you their services 24*7 so that you can hire anyone without paying any heed to the country the professional belongs to, and that provides you with an opportunity to hire an Australia based professional so that the chances of your CDR getting approved increases.

You needn’t worry about the discipline you are opting out for, as these online services hire writers from every discipline. Just make sure that you know what you are good at.

In case you are completely unaware of the processes involved in the Skilled Migration Program then you can go for online sessions as well. So you will get a complete idea of the whole process.

If you aren’t sure about the professional services you want to hire, you can visit various websites that provide you with the services and they give you an option where you can chat with agents and put forward your queries and talk to them, this way you can go through a number of options before choosing the one that suits you the best.

April 22, 2019

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