My CDR report accessor told me that my CEs are not aligned with the desired occupation. What should I do?


If the assessor did not find your Career Episodes aligned with the desired occupational role, it means that the projects that you chose to elaborate did not do justice to the role you are aspiring for. However, it is nothing to be disheartened about. It could just be a lack of understanding when it comes to making such alignment because you are certainly not a ‘pro’ in this task. So, when the setback happens, take it in your stride and again go through the EA guidelines thoroughly.

It is imperative that you understand the definitions of every competency element that is desired out of a certain occupational role. If that is achieved you will be able to move along with a clear vision. You will be able to go back and pick the correct projects from amongst the academic and professional projects that helped demonstrate your prowess in those areas.

Sometimes, it so happens that the assessors ask you to re-submit your application after changing the choice of occupational role. They feel your projects and the achievements that you have had do better justice to a role different than the one you chose. Give that a thought as well. But, if you do have absolute clarity on the choice of the role that you wish to apply for, re-work the details. It is here that you may certainly feel the need to have an expert doing the task for you. CDR writing professionals work on hundreds of reports every year. They understand the guideline shared by Engineers Australia and have the way to present the episodes in a manner that goes well with the assessors. It is obvious that the presentation and choice of words create a great impact. You may have chosen the correct project, but might still lack the skills to align it correctly with the chosen role. Experts do that task better.

So, if you ask me, without batting an eyelid, go in for professional help here. It is very important that you take your migration visa application to a perfect conclusion. Who better to help you with this than CDR writing experts? They can help you with samples at the onset to make you understand how the report needs to be prepared. You may then have elaborate discussions with their CDR experts to decide the scope of the report and even share your inputs. There is also an opportunity to get the report revised by their experts, in situations when you face a hiccup. Like in this one. All the best!

April 22, 2019

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