Is it necessary to get experience assessment from Engineers Australia or can I apply directly to immigration based on only CDR assessment?


No, it is not mandatory to get an experience assessment done from EA to get your visa approved. There are many ways through which one can do the same.

Engineers Australia is a pre-eminent firm, which helps engineers to get skill migration visa for Australia. Their normal procedure is that they will ask you to write your own CDR through which they will be able to access your work profile and find out what kind of person you are at your work. Through a CDR they can successfully judge you as an employee, engineer and eligible resident too.

All you need to do to get a skill migration visa is a positive CDR. It will show all the information that the scrutiny authority need about you. Although getting an experience assessment done from EA will be the icing on the cake and you will get a full assurance of your visa approval.

  • Getting a perfect CDR –

Now it is your utmost priority to make a perfect Competency Demonstration Report i.e. CDR. It must have all the three elements, well written. They are Continuous Professional Development (CPD), three career episodes and summary statement. The three career episodes will show them your whole career history.

Basically, choosing the correct title for three career episode, precisely writing the summary statement, using proper English and keeping the content unequivocal will lead to the successful formation of your CDR.

  • Skipping experience assessment –

Skipping experience assessment from the Engineers Australia will do no harm in the process of getting a visa. You will need some of the documents from your existing company that will ensure your working with the company. The following documents will be required-

  1. The joining letter to indicate the date from which you are working for them. Promotion letter, relieving letter or any such document you have should be added.
  2. You should mention the responsibilities you had there and also specify how efficiently you fulfilled them.
  3. Your salary statement and other pay bills are also required.
  4. The provident fund reports and any other authorized document that proves your job should be attached.

As per the guidelines of EA, experience assessment is necessary but not indispensable. You may get it to fully ensure the approval of the visa. It does not mean that if you do not have it, they will defer your visa application.

Prima facie of your candidature will be your CDR so write it in such a way that it enlightens all your efficacies. Pondering before assembling your file will be responsible for your future.

If you are finding it difficult to write CDR on your own, then taking help from experts is advised. You may go through the website of various companies available online and select the best-suited one for the same. The motive should be getting your CDR positive and proving yourself competent for living in Australia!

March 26, 2019

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