I need guidance in writing exceptional career episode reports for my CDR


Career Episodes are an integral part of the Competency Demonstration process. They help in elaborating the kind of projects that an applicant has worked upon and highlight the competencies and skills in the process.

For three different Career Episodes, one needs to identify three strategic projects that will help the Engineers Australia assessors see what’s special. With every project one needs to elaborate on the job role, responsibilities, targets if any, interpersonal relations, leadership activities etc. As an applicant, you must use this to highlight special scenarios that gave you the scope to utilise and depict the domain knowledge perfectly. Helping the EA assessors see through you as a perfect professional who can work well under different job scenarios, adapt, and scale up when required. One who is eager to learn on the go and demonstrates precision to details and presence of mind, amongst other things. Sharing innovative ways to tackle different work scenarios perfectly, can also be an added advantage, so will highlighting your contribution to design and analysis be.

Below mentioned are some of the tips shared by CDR writing experts that will help you submit exceptional Career Episodes

  1. Choose key topics that held strategic significance to the organization or if they were academic projects, held scope for future scalability. You must also focus on the fact that must have played a key role in the completion and achievement of desired objectives. It should have helped you demonstrate key skills and competencies.
  2. Elaborate on the different engineering activities that you were a part of, competitions you participated in and internship projects. You must elaborate on your role in the three projects that you chose to elaborate through the career episodes. Assessors must see your individual contribution effectively.
  3. You may also use an organogram to elaborate on the role that you played in your team/department, to achieve success with the project. In this manner, you can display the technical prowess that you hold and how essential that was to achieve the larger goal.
  4. Remember to write all episodes in an active voice. Use sentences like “I achieved”, “I calculated”, “I drafted”, etc.
  5. Never refer to episode samples from unsolicited websites or other sources. Seek guidance from renowned CDR experts and reference samples that have been pre-approved to make an informed move.
  6. Refer the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet to understand all competency definitions pertaining to the job role you are applying for and draft the episodes in a way that all required competencies and skills are perfectly highlighted
  7. Finish every episode in 1000-12500 words, without using technical language, unnecessary jargons, graphs, etc. Use simple to comprehend Australian English and highlight relevant facts, achievements, recognition, etc.
  8. Number every paragraph of each episode in the manner shared in the MSA booklet. It helps to connect the precise competency element with the said paragraph while writing the Summary Statement.

These are some of the expert tips for writing exceptional episodes. However, you may also choose an expert writing service or review service for your Career Episodes and be sure of the positive result.

April 22, 2019

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