I have already prepared my CDR report, who can review it for me? What are the charges?


As an Engineer, you need to fill up your competency declaration report as a part of the assessment process for migrating to Australia. The Engineers Australia is the assessing authority for your CDR. Engineers Australia provides a set of guideline which enables the applicants to prepare their CDR on their own. But it has been observed that many of the applicants fail to produce a perfect CDR and their applications get rejected due to minor mistakes. As the process of assessment of CDR involves a lot of money to be paid, a rejection for silly reasons is a substantial economic loss. To avoid all these and make the CDR full proof it is advisable to get the prepared CDR checked by some competent person.

There are many agencies available online who extend their support for CDR review. These agencies use their experts to upgrade your prepared CDR and guide you well to fill in the gaps such that you get a positive assessment of your CDR. Not only this, but these agencies can guide you in preparing your CDR from scratch as well. You can conduct online research to find a suitable agency and then through a live chat you can assess the competency of them. You can look into the success rates before selecting and giving the job to them. You can review the samples of each of these institutes and compare them with your requirements. Finally, when you are convinced with an agency, you can delegate the job to them.

Most of the services available online need to be paid according to the services you demand. You can get assistance in the CDR preparation and avail services from their plans. There are separate payment options for each type of work need to be assisted. After completion of your preparation, the proofreading can be availed as a separate plan. You will find weekly plans also. All you have to make is a comparison of the charges before you select one. Depending on your locations and suitability the payment options are available. You can choose to pay in different currencies also.

Majority of these institutions have branches in different locations based on the migration rate from that country. In that case, you get an option to contact them directly. In conclusion, it is highly advisable to make proper background checks through the internet and make an appropriate selection of your CDR review agency so that you can make through the assessment with flying colours.

April 22, 2019

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