I don’t have enough projects for career episodes. What should I do?


The Career Episodes play a far greater role in your CDR assessment process than you can imagine. They allow the assessors a preview into what you have achieved and the skills that you have, to help you achieve more. It is a window to the diversified roles that you have played and the ability to scale up every single time.

However, the EA requirement is to understand your contribution to different projects/tasks, through three different Career Episodes. So, you cannot use a single project across the three episodes. It also limits the scope to showcase your skill set.

If you think you have limited projects in your kitty, don’t worry. You have the option to use both academic and professional projects, so do that. It will help you get more options. Every episode must reflect a different title for the project and that is a requirement which cannot be changed. So it’s worthless to waste time panicking.

For a professional project, use an organogram to highlight the role that you played and the team that you worked with. In the case of an academic project, ensure that it also covers all bases of highlighting the domain-specific skills, interpersonal abilities, design and analysis, attention to details, etc. You may also choose your internship project.

Focus on the skills that you have to highlight and share the project scope, your contribution with the specified role, initiatives, interpersonal abilities, leadership skills etc. through them. While you do that, use a simple, easy to understand language. Assessors at Engineers Australia, do not appreciate unnecessary use of jargons or graphical interpretations.

Yes, you can conveniently identify at least three projects to elaborate through the three Career Episodes. It is your confidence and the ability to perform at every step of the way that will matter at the end. So don’t let your academic, internship or professional projects go waste, choose wisely to elaborate on the skills pertaining to the role you have applied for.

April 22, 2019

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