How to write a good CDR that can fetch me maximum points for Australian immigration?


Australian immigration is a mountain climb for many engineers. The Institution of Engineers Australia has designed a set of guidelines to assess engineers on the basis of their competency in engineering and English language skills. A CDR report is just like an entry ticket for skilled migration to Australia. It is a comprehensive documentation of your engineering skills and knowledge that acts as evidence for your contribution towards the engineering field. The CDR report must be written in compliance with the format specified in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet by Engineers Australia (EA).

Given below are some points that you should keep in mind while writing a CDR report. These points include some important details about CDR that can make it impressive and fetch maximum points for Australian immigration.

  • Refer to the MSA booklet

The first and foremost step towards writing a good CDR report is to refer to the MSA booklet. It contains all the information about the details to be included in the report and the way to present your information. Go through the instructions carefully and understand what EA exactly needs in the CDR report.

  • Start with your personal information

Your personal information consists of your CV/Resume which includes the details of your work in the organization and your competencies. You should customize your resume with a clear objective to define your goal. It should be of 2 pages with a word count of about 600-800 words.

  • Make your CPD up-to-date

A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is evidence of your current efforts which you put in developing your professional skills in the nominated engineering occupation. You must include how you keep yourself updated with the regular inventions in the engineering field. It must be in the list format and should not exceed one page. Your CPD must have the information about the title, venue, date, and location of your training.

  • Career episodes must be unique

Career episode is the main reason for most of the rejections by Engineers Australia. Many people miss in making their career episodes impressive and up to the mark. There must be only 3 career episodes, each of them describing the 3 projects which you worked upon. Each career episode is of minimum 1500-2500 words with a solemn description of your contribution to the project and application of your skills and not the teamwork.

  • Give your summary statement a finishing touch

A summary statement is the last and the most important part of your CDR report. It must be influencing and cover the whole write up in a smart way. It is actually the overall analysis of the career episodes that you summarize in the summary statement. Make it clear and precise.

  • CDR report must be plagiarism free

First and foremost reason for CDR reports rejections is plagiarism. Engineers Australia suspends the applications of engineers for one year whose CDR report is found to be plagiarized or copied. You must make sure that you do not copy or reframe from any sample CDR report.

April 22, 2019

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