How should I write an RPL project positively for an ACS assessment?


RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning is a document to be submitted to ACS (Australian Computer Society). ACS is an authorised body to assess your RPL in the context of the migration skills assessment process.

The RPL details out professional work experience relevant to the ICT domain and needs to be submitted by those engineers who do not have the requisite ICT qualifications or even tertiary ones. It is a godsend for those engineers who have the desired skillset due to their professional work experience in the ICT domain, but not the required degrees. So these non-ICT qualification holders can make use of the RPL channel to apply for the skilled migration visa.

As you mention the “Key Areas of Knowledge” that you have gathered through your work experience, you need to further elaborate on the same via the Project Report Form. Through the latter, you can actually substantiate your claims about having those key areas of knowledge via the practical work experience.

Now you need to ensure that you cover the below-mentioned aspects through the project reports that you share:

  1. Include the network topologies: size, distribution, and security facilities
  2. Database design, file management techniques used
  3. Project management techniques employed and quality assurance aspects followed
  4. System analysis and design methodologies implemented
  5. Programming languages used and design procedures adopted
  6. Database interactivity measures implemented, internet design implemented
  7. Elaborating the ICT Managerial activities and elaborating on the extent and nature of responsibilities
April 3, 2019

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