How should I write a KA02 report for Engineering New Zealand assessment?


The candidate willing to migrate to New Zealand require to submit a report named Knowledge Assessment report or in short KA02 report. This is an essential report which determines whether your skills and work experience are adequate according to the requirement of New Zealand skilled migration. If you are interested in migrating to New Zealand and work there as an engineer and hence are applying for a working visa, then your KA02 report should be written appropriately. Engineering New Zealand is the professional body which is authorised to affiliate the candidate after evaluating their submitted KA02 report.

The knowledge assessment report KA02 is prepared by the Engineers who have got their education from institutes not accredited by Washington Accord. Drafting a KA02 report is a very complex task that also requires comprehensive expertise in the specific field of engineering, language skills and writing skills. There are mainly three sections in the report which need special attention. These sections are namely, Knowledge profile, Evidence of Application of Knowledge and Supplementary evidence.

Knowledge Profile: The KA02 form Section 3 is the preparation of your knowledge profile through eight elementary analysis of your knowledge. The element one is to evaluate the fundamental understanding of natural science subjects its application in your engineering discipline. In element 2 of this section, an illustration of the knowledge of mathematical statistical and numerical methods and its use on the engineering, stream is to be written. Element 3 is to analyse the core fundamental of the engineering discipline is to be summarised. Element 4 is an area of specialised knowledge of the engineering practice and its application through a body of knowledge which has to be adequately elucidated. Element 5 is an illustration of the experience related to the engineering design. The next element is the demonstration of knowledge of engineering practice in terms of tools and technologies, communication, management principles of design in economic design and finally the implementation of teamwork. Element seven is to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the ethical principles and commitment towards professional ethics for the benefit of society. The final element is to elaborate on the research experience gathered throughout the career and study. In all the section, the process of development of this knowledge through cross-references with the study process or continuous professional development methods is most important.

Evidence of Application of Knowledge: In this section, you have to provide proof of the use of theoretical knowledge of engineering in 3 to 4 works or study based projects. All these project overviews are to be written with project objective, duration, description of the scope of work, description of the company and your role according to hierarchy.

Next, you have to mention the specific responsibility undertaken by you according to the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations (ANZSCO) code. Following that, a narrative is to be added about the problems or technical issues related to engineering practice which has arisen in the project and your role in the resolution of the issue.

A cross-reference with the relevant elements of the knowledge profile is mandatory. At the end of this section, a standard form of knowledge matrix summarising the knowledge illustration with each project is to be filled in.

Supplementary Evidence: In this section, detailed work experience with key responsibility, activity is undertaken, and significant achievements are to be tabled in chronological order Things to be kept in mind that this section should correlate with the previous section. The final chapter is to provide details of continuous professional development (CPD) in the standard tabular form.

All these essential information had to be drafted appropriately in standard English and correlating with each section is very important. Reports need to be crisp and should include only the details required. Additional information can be provided, but always a cross-referencing is to be done to make sure about the fundamental ability to demonstrate your knowledge correctly.

April 3, 2019

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