How important is the skills assessment from ACS for starting with the PR process for Australia?


Skills assessment by the Australian Computer Society towards a migration visa application isn’t just important…it is a mandatory requirement. The validity of this result stays for the next three years and you have enough time to pursue the visa application. Just make sure that all of your claims are validated by documentary proof so that you have something to offer if required and that the reference checks lead the assessors to relevant people.

RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning is a pre-requisite to the visa process for the engineers who do not bring required ICT or tertiary ICT qualifications. In simple words, their degrees do not fall in line with the Washington/Australian/Dublin/Sydney accords. So they need to show the alignment of their relevant work experience in lieu of the gaps created by the degrees. The RPL report comprises of two project reports which are then assessed by the Australian Computer Society.

AS mentioned before, RPL is essentially about offering the same opportunity to the professionals who lack relevant degrees but still have a lot of professional experience in the ICT domain, which should be counted. Now, the report has two significant sections:

  1. Key Areas of Knowledge: Here the applicant needs to elaborate on the skills attained in the domain through different work experiences
  2. Project Report Form: In this section, the applicant needs to share details of two significant projects that perfectly reflect the competencies and skills desired for the kind of roles ahead. While one of the projects must have been undertaken in the last three years, the other should have been completed in the last five years.
    • To provide a detailed insight to the assessor, the applicant must share information like network topologies, size and distribution of security facilities
    • The applicant must share project management techniques and quality parameters followed
    • Elaborate on aspects of internet application design, database interactivity, and security measures etc.

Now you can achieve good results for the process if you focus on every minute detail that goes in the application form and the project report. Remember, there is no ‘good or bad result’ it’s either an approved application or a failed one. It’s better to use expert help here, well in time, instead of dealing with an unfavourable result.

April 3, 2019

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