Engineering Technologist Immigration to Australia PR Visa Occupation Ceiling for Engineering Technologist: 140/1000 [14% Filled] Available: 860

Trending now: “State Sponsorship” and Visa ratio (190:491) are indicating good chances of getting Permanent Residence (PR) status in Australia for the migrants who get “Engineering Technologist” Skill Assessment. Currently, more applicants are going with it rather than Professional Engineering (PE) Skill Assessment. 


Engineering Technologist occupation is listed in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) with ANZSCO Code 233914. The current State Nomination for Engineering Technologist occupation is available in Australian states like Tasmania, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory. In the January 2020 draw, only 36 invitations were sent. The Occupation Ceiling value is 1000 while in totality only 140 invitations have been sent since 2019. So there are fair chances that if you can nominate the same occupation, you can receive an invite to apply for Permanent Residence in Australia through Visa 190 and 491. 


Engineering Technologist Job Profile


Engineering Technologists use current engineering technologies for various engineering projects. They are responsible for testing and implementing new technologies in the projects. They also solve various technical problems that may arise in the development, construction, inspection, sales or manufacturing phases of the project. They collect data, inspect products and assist engineers in the projects. 


Engineering Technologist Specializations 


  • Mining Engineering Technologist
  • Agricultural Engineering Technologist
  • Aeronautical Engineering Technologist
  • Chemical Engineering Technologist
  • Biomedical Engineering Technologist
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist


Engineering Technologist Job Duties 


The specific job duties of an Engineering Technologist as per ANZSCO can be found on the basis of your Specialization. However, we have generalized the roles and responsibilities of an Engineering Technologist as under. 


  • Ensuring optimum performances in the project 
  • Building and setting up technical equipment 
  • Designing, developing and maintaining the technical equipment, monitoring devices, navigational equipment 
  • Assisting in product designing and development 
  • Assisting engineers and scientists as they test, create and modify processes 
  • Identifying ways to optimize the quality of the engineering technologies being used in a project
  • Planning, estimating and scheduling the work 
  • Evaluating the characteristics of the equipment used 
  • Operating the complex processing equipment or operating the industrial equipment 


Engineering Technologist Skill Level Requirements 


This occupation falls under the ANZSCO Skill Level 1. As per the requirements, the applicant must have a bachelor or higher degree. You might also require on-the-job training or relevant work experience. Registration or licensing might also be required in this occupational category. 


Engineering Technologist Skills Assessment for Australia PR


Engineers Australia is the Skills Assessment Authority for Engineering Technologist occupation. As per the Migration Skill Assessment process by Engineers Australia, the applicant has to submit a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) that would represent all their skills in the engineering field. 


The CDR Report for Engineering Technologists comprises the following:


  • Three Career Episodes 


A Career Episode is a snapshot of your role/work as an Engineering Technologist. You need to present a project or a problem that you have solved with the help of the skills that you gained as an Engineering Technologist. Each Career Episode is a separate project. A specific format that needs to be followed while writing the Career Episodes. The complete format is elaborated in the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet by Engineers Australia. 


  • A CPD List 


CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a list of activities that you would have pursued in order to enhance your skills as an Engineering Technologist. Engineers Australia provides a list of CPD Activities for your reference. This includes a private study, short courses, seminars, workshops, volunteering activities or services, formal post-graduate study, attending conferences etc. 


  • A Summary Statement 


Engineers Australia provides 3 Types Competency Elements for Engineering Technologist occupation:

  1. Knowledge and Skill Base 
  2. Engineering Application Ability 
  3. Professional and Personal Attributes 


You must understand all the competency elements listed under these categories and hence elaborate the elements in the career episodes. Then, in the summary statement, you are required to cross-refer these elements with those you elaborated in the career episodes. The format of the summary statement is present in the migration skills assessment booklet. In all, the summary statement is a summary of the career episodes. 


CDRReport can help you create a compelling CDR for Engineers Australia 


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March 11, 2020

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