Engineering Australia asking for more details information for CDR report. What to do next?


Yes, in some cases it may so happen that Engineers Australia asks for documented proof to validate the information you have filled in the application form. This comes from the fact that they are authorized to assess your claims in any manner and deem them correct. Once they go through the documents they are able to validate your competency claims for further processing of the report.

It is very important to choose the correct ANZSCO code and occupational category that you are thinking of applying towards. A mismatch in what you expect and what you actually applied for can cause serious issues at a later level. To avoid that, validate your application form after re-referencing the definitions shared in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet. The booklet will also help you understand sectional guidelines for writing the perfect CDR.

A CDR is required to be submitted by those visa applicants who haven’t completed their qualifications under the following accords:

  • Australian Accord
  • Washington Accord
  • Sydney Accord
  • Dublin Accord

You must understand that every year thousands of applicants apply for a skilled migration visa to Australia, but not everyone succeeds in achieving one. Sometimes, little things like choosing an incorrect ANZSCO code or filling in incomplete/irrelevant information can be the cause. So, tread on the path after being doubly sure of what you want out of it. Understand the occupational categories clearly to relate to the role that you are keen for.

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

Picking the right one will help you choose the correct projects to elaborate in your Career Episodes. A mismatch with what you apply and what the episodes explain can push EA to make enquiries and eventually ask you to apply in a different category altogether.

Once you understand the expectations from different sections of the CDR, you will be in a better position to complete them.

Continuing Professional Development: The EA assessors tend to gauge your interest in your domain through this section of the CDR. You can take them through the developmental journey that you have adapted to continuously up skill yourself in the field and stay updated of the changes in the domain. You can mention projects done, workshops, seminars attended, journals subscribed or research conducted.

Three Career Episodes: Each Career Episode is an insight into one project experience that helped highlight your skills and knowledge in the domain. It could elaborate on the role that you played in the team, your individual targets, how you communicated with the team members or led the team through a challenging scenario. Once you do this correctly through the Three Episodes, you are helping the assessors gauge you under three different scenarios, wherein you perfectly showcased your skills and knowledge of the domain, your leadership skills, managerial abilities, ability to innovate etc. So it widens the horizon of your abilities for them to see and assess. Write every episode in a way that helps emphasize the role that you played. Use definitive phrases like “I tested”, “I calculated”, and “I aligned”.

The Summary Statement: This last section of the CDR holds high importance since it summarises the details as shared in the episodes precisely. It helps the assessor spend just a few minutes to connect the dots (the skills/competency elements that you claim to have and the project experiences that you have shared, and how valid they stand to be). This is done with the help of correct units and indicators to map the competency element and the concerned paragraph of your episodes.

If you move through the CDR in an informed manner upon understanding the minor details from the MSA, you will not be in a soup later. EA only asks for more information in a scenario wherein there is obvious confusion or a mismatch of sorts.

April 3, 2019

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