Does Engineers Australia ask for original project reports during a CDR assessment?


Engineers Australia certainly expects you to submit unique episodes from amongst the projects that you have completed across your professional journey. Just like everything else that you have claimed in the application form, it is your project experiences that elaborate on the knowledge and skills that you have in your domain.

While it may so happen that a detailed project report that you have actually runs around hundred pages, the EA is only expecting an episode that stresses on your abilities to handle certain tricky scenarios or helped your team achieve the project objective, while throwing light on your skillset. And, every episode just runs around 1000-2500 words. So, they do not require complete project reports actually, but no harm keeping them handy. You must have something in your hand to submit, in case the assessing authority asks for it. Isn’t it?

Ensure that the three Career Episodes that you share stand exclusive of each other (are parts of three different project experiences). This will help the assessors go through the wide spectrum of your abilities and not just focus on one project that you elaborate in three different ways. As you share different kinds of experiences, it helps them understand your ability to diversify and analyse your judgement, under tricky scenarios. In addition to showcasing skills in the engineering field, you can also showcase your management, leadership, team building skills, as well.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a very small chance that the EA asks for the original project reports during the assessment. However, having the reports handy with you can help you go through the same for your own understanding. It’s quite possible that you were a part of a project many years back and need to run through the same to be sure of the active role that you played. It just might help you to have that access during your final interview or something like that.

April 3, 2019

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