Can the same CDR topic be used for a skills assessment through Engineers Australia?


Yes, it might so happen that you have by chance used a same or similar topic for any of your career episodes, as someone else. However, if you are sharing your true story through the episodes, it cannot be a copy paste of the content, right? Engineers Australia adopts a no-tolerance attitude towards copy paste or plagiarised content. Your experiences stand to be unique and a similar topic cannot make it any different.

EA not only rejects the application when your CDR is found plagiarised by any percentage but also places a yearlong ban towards re-application. So choose your topics judiciously and do not engage in picking stuff from unsolicited sources on the internet.

While there may be someone else applying for the same occupational role and coming from the same engineering discipline, it is you who has a unique project story. Let the assessors traverse the path of your own experiences that make you a better professional today. Choose the topics/themes for your Career Episodes such that they are engaging and impactful. Share about the project objective; the role that you played (job description); share unique learning experiences; throw light on your interpersonal relations; highlight any achievements, etc. Understand that all of this will help the assessor understand you better as an engineering professional. It will help them assess your competency levels and how those align with the occupational role that you have chosen to apply for.

As you decide on the way forward to write your CDR, the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet will help pave the way for you. The booklet includes all instructions on writing the report, per EA guidelines. It defines the competency elements, elaborates on the three sections, and makes you understand the CDR structure better.


If by using the same topic you meant to use the same topic for the three Career Episodes, the answer will be a big ‘no’. EA directs you to choose three unique projects across the three Career Episodes respectively. An overlap will create a negative impact and represent limited professional exposure.

Before you begin working on the Career Episodes, identify three special projects wherein you played an important role. Write an engaging introduction to those projects and ensure that you are able to cover most of the competencies required by the occupational role you are applying for. Through every episode, you can share the specific role that you played in the project; how that helped to achieve the project objective? Did you do something innovative? Different roles and responsibilities across the three projects, etc. Here you need to understand that doing this will help showcase the diverse roles you can play in a professional setup and the variety of skills and competencies that you have. In a way, you will be able to represent an enriching professional profile.

CDR isn’t any report! It is all about showcasing your professional expertise through a single document. And, it is extremely important. With a daily job and work responsibilities, you need to make the right choices at the right time. Choose a professional CDR writing agency to help you with this important task. They can help you with writing, review, editing, or proof-reading your report for you.

March 26, 2019

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